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#1 Secret to Female Ejaculation Reavealed [VIDEO]

As promised, here is the #1 secret to female ejaculation.

This video is from my Squirt Your Heart Out program that teaches women to have squirting orgasms.

Guys, watch and learn this important advice so you can teach your woman.

I’m giving you lifetime access to the entire Squirt Your Heart Out (SYHO) membership site as a bonus if you are one of the 200 who get in on the deal for Female Liquid Orgasm (FLO) membership during my Insider’s Club Promotion.

If you don’t have a wife or girlfriend to share it with, I’m sure you have gal pal who’s been dying to learn more!

FLO is a membership site where you get access to all my content each month.

The second month of your membership, you will be able to access the entire SYHO collection if you purchase during the Insider’s Club promotion – available to the first 200 buyers!

I encourage you to share this with your lover so she’s enrolled in the delicious journey and read, listen and watch it yourself for a valuable perspective into a woman’s psyche.

Tallulah Sulis

Find out more how to make a woman ejaculate by downloading our FREE eBook below.


  1. That’s awesome… I learn new things. Thankyou. Send me more video.

    • Hope you will down load the book to help my wife

  2. Hi Dringiau,

    The Female Liquid Orgasm program is loaded with video clips!

    Sensitive, Artful Training Videos Show Real Women Ejaculating

    Enjoy and learn from this extraordinary film footage, tastefully produced and gorgeously wrought with art and imagery that celebrates the divine feminine and shows the various ways that women squirt – solo/partnered, gushing, trickles, with toys, with fingers, with penis and partner…

    You’ll get so much from these titles: Introduction, What is Female Ejaculation, Awakening the G Spot, Why Women Don’t Ejaculate, The Blended Orgasm, PC Muscles, Giving Birth To Your Orgasm, A Beautiful Couple, Solo Scene and Conclusion

    Click Here To See:

  3. I just want to say thanks for the tips. Ever since I met the first girl who squirted that has given me a different perspective on pleasing women. I have realized that it’s one thing for her to have an orgasm and a completely different level when she is capable of having a squirting orgasm. I have sooo much to learn. But now that I know that every girl has the capability to do so. It’s made me excited in the knowing that when I am with a lady and the scene is as relaxed as she is, we can try to make this happen. And when it does it will be a life changer for her 🙂

    • Hi Edward,
      It is a life-changing experience when a woman realizes more of the full orgasmic potential of her body by having ejaculatory orgasms. Thank you for taking the lead to bring this to the women you love. Wish more guys would!

  4. Assistance please, there is no link for video, only picture of WARNING label. How do I view video?
    Thank you

  5. I watched the video that Tallulah made available today. Although it demonstrated a couple engaged in producing female ejaculation
    it did not evidence the production quality I was expecting. It wasn’t clinical but more amateurish with a third person directing the couple in what they should do. I didn’t see the “art and imagery that celebrates the divine feminine” that Susan mentioned in a preceding comment.

  6. Does it make a difference that I’m in England? I get sound but no picture comes up

  7. No video. I tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    It’s weird because about a year-ago when the video was first released it worked fine. But not now…must be a gremlin in there 🙂

  8. I like very much and would like to see full video, without paying any amount can u please arrange for the same ,Please do some thing ,please my humble request.

  9. could you please email me the correct link for the video, I can not get it to play on my laptop or on my phone 🙁 thanks for your help

  10. No video…why?

    • This video is part of a premium course. Have you purchased this course? If so, then please contact our support department at and they will help you!

  11. video does not work either does sound

    • Send an email with your questions to [email protected] and our team will help you login.

  12. thanks a lot with my best wishes i need more video

  13. Hi Tallulah,
    Thank you for your video clips on Squirting. WOW! Its so amazing and very highly treasured. I am so greatly touched and inspired by you. Tallulah Sulis, I would say you are WONDER WOMAN.



  14. Hi Tallulah,

    Thanks allot. Will try it and see if its really true.But
    will need more exiting ones.



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