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Any Woman CAN! Get This FREE Report "The Truth About Female Ejaculation"

nullWould you like to have all the insider knowledge about the erotic secrets of Female Ejaculation? The opportunity is yours.

Female ejaculation, often called “squirting,” is a natural sexual response all women have the potential to experience.

The word “squirting,” though commonly used, is really a misnomer. Ejaculate can squirt, drip, gush, trickle or occur in any other number of ways.

Squirting as a word, is ultimately deceptive and further, it puts pressure on you both to have this BIG kind of happening. A woman’s pleasure can come easily from just the smallest amount of ejaculate being released. And you have to learn how to prevent yourself from blocking her urethral opening so the ejaculate can squirt if it wants too.

You’ll both find that over time, most of the time, a woman releases more and more fluid and she wants to have multiple, rather than just single, orgasmic releases. That’s why it takes practice! Luckily, practice in this case is super fun.

Female ejaculation, is currently considered the “ultimate orgasm” by many women and their partners. Many men find it a total turn on and many women secretly crave the exquisite release that only a liquid orgasm can deliver.

There is nothing more thrilling then getting your woman to an orgasmic and juicy place.  There is nothing more thrilling than having her think of you as her Master and Sex God in bed. There is nothing more thrilling than “making her squirt” and give her a new experience that she has NEVER had before.

So help yourself to a copy of my mini-report here and get started understanding all you can about this amazing part of a couple’s sensual potential.

What’s Inside The FREE Report, “The Truth About Female Ejaculation?”

  • What Exactly IS Female Ejaculation?
  • Where Does It Come From And What Is The Fluid Made Of?
  • Why Do All Women Have The Capacity To Ejaculate?
  • She Might Be Ejaculating Already But Not Know It.
  • Understanding Detailed Female Anatomy – Your Foundation For Success
  • Why Does Stimulating Her G-Spot Make Her Ejaculate?
  • The Different Kinds of Orgasms A Woman Can Have. Do You Know Them?
  • Providing Encouragement For The Many Styles of Squirting
  • How To Get Her To Be More Orgasmic During Intercourse

Now you can download this Free Report (PDF) right to the privacy of your computer and enjoy a small preview of Female Liquid Orgasm, the first complete advanced sexual education home study program, written by a woman and expert in Female Ejaculation.

The Truth About Female Ejaculation: Dispelling the Myths and Teaching The Truth About This Amazing, Beautiful Part of a Woman’s Sexual Possibility

What Is Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation is thrilling and pleasurable, a deep release that can bring you closer together and keep her coming back for more.  Don’t pass this moment by to take her to a whole new level of sensual delight.

Her pleasure is your pleasure, so the more sexually fulfilled and amazed she is with you, the more overflowing with energy and super hot she will be for you.

It pays to know as much as you can about woman’s anatomy, her body’s ability to experience pleasure and to have a deep understanding of how to approach her psychologically so she feels loved, adored and safe, not manipulated.
With this information, you can literally turn her on to experiences she didn’t think were possible.  Making her squirt is one of those unique things that will catapult you into a whole new sexual dimension with her.
I invite you to read through this Free Report and see if I have wet your appetite to learn more and advance your skills.

Prepare To Rock Her World Forever!

If you like what you read, consider getting yourself monthly or lifetime access to the Female Liquid Orgasm membership site that includes audio, video and eBooks with techniques and full explanations that will give you all the tools you need to connect with her mind, body and spirit in pleasure and connection.

With love,
Tallulah Sulis



    • Hi Snake,
      The Truth About Female Ejaculation is a free excerpt from Female Liquid Orgasm. Since you already purchased Female Liquid Orgasm you don’t need to bother downloading this free report. You have it already. Sorry for the confusion. Usually guys try the free report before purchasing. That’s where your confusion stems.
      Let me know if you have any questions about FLO anytime!

      • Okay Susan, thanks i appreciate.
        Thanks a lot.

  2. I JUST want to say, yes, I got this book, even though I’m a woman. I am not a lesbian. I got this for me and my husband to share so we can increase the pleasure in our sex life.

    • Hi Valerie,
      We have a whole program for women called, Squirt Your Heart Out, which teaches the same female ejaculatory orgasm from a woman’s perspective. Female Liquid Orgasm is the same information, packaged for couples. If you like what you learned in the free report, you may want to try the whole program.
      Ejaculatory orgasms are incredibly satisfying and any woman can have them. I encourage you to pursue this beautiful aspect of lovemaking.
      Thank you for finding us and enjoy!
      Susan Bratton

  3. Please help me to squirt my lovely wife I am52

  4. Please send me the reading material on the Truth About Female ejaculation – thank you!

  5. Delighted to try out

  6. Delighted to try as I have not doing such trick .The demostration showed that it really powerfull technic for satisfying a girl or women in real pleasure .

  7. This is very informative and every man should take the time to ensure that his woman is satisfied. One cannot have too much knowledge when it comes on to satisfying ones partner

  8. My wife like stimulation of her clitoris, but as soon as I slip my finger into her vagina to stimulate the G spot she pulls my hand away. She is quite conservative. After her orgasm (by hand stimulation of the clit) we have normal sex. After sex she wants to “pee” I an quite confused is this urge to pee , normal pee or could it be that she is squirting (on the toilet)?!

    I would like to stimulate het G spot by hand to make her squirt so that she could come back for more and more and to think of that experience when she is busy during day time so that she develops the urge to squirt again!!!

  9. I should have had this info many years ago however it is better late than ever.

  10. Hey if it any way u can show me onye way I can make here squirt I will by the book I have pay a lot of money and I have not get here to squirt

  11. got the book thanks!i will make her touch the sky!

  12. Will she squirt only by stimulating the G Spot, and how will I know when she is about to squirt?

  13. Great Great Great

  14. Though there is usually nothing to worry about,the feelings seeem
    quite real and terrifying in the moment. Furthermore, unresolved conflicts could lead too
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  15. Yes it’s rearly not pee 10000000000% Sure .Try your best.

  16. My wife and I have been married 20 year’s and it has been really bad for the last 10 year’s and this is the worst year ever I am almost to the point that I hate her she completely ignore the problem and avoids it and changes the subject or gets very mad every time I try to talk to her I would love to try this program but I had a bad a tv accident 2 year’s ago breaking my back and pelvis in 3 different places and now can’t work and no income at this time and that is making everything even worse I am tired and ready to give up please help

    • Hi Tim,
      I am very sorry about your accident. Being in pain can depress you and your libido. Being already cranky about that lack of sex just fuels your frustration, I’m sure.
      You posted about Female Liquid Orgasm, but this it NOT the program to start with in your situation. That’s the most advanced program. You need to start with Revive Her Drive. You will just continue to frustrate yourself by going straight to aggressive moves like female ejaculation and drive your wife further away.
      Revive Her Drive will explain the 4 Elements of Revival… how you rekindle the passion again.
      Watch this video about how to boost your wife’s libido to understand the fun and easy process to get a great sex life going again.
      Heal well and be well.

  17. An important part of intimacy!!!

  18. I can’t believe there is so much controversy. I have met several women who could ejaculate. It was never that weird long distance squirt of porn. It was more or less as male ejaculation, white but not so white, very, very bitter and when it dries it looks as in a glazed doughnut.
    It is not necessarily dependent of G spot stimulation, but it goes together most times.


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