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Top 5 Ways To Experience Female Ejaculation

nullThe belief that I COULD ejaculate actually helped me to do so the first time.

And when women and their partners attend the demos at my workshops or see the video tutorials I’ve created in my products, they suddenly “get it.” It’s just not enough to read about it or have someone explain how ejaculation works. Once a woman SEES other, real, everyday women ejaculating, she understands at a body-level that it’s possible for her.

My point is twofold. First, guys often have a focus on technique. “If I wiggle my finger just right, she’ll squirt.”

I want you to understand this is a mental game, as much as a physical one.

Secondly, when I created the videos in Female Liquid Orgasm, I did it in a way that shows everything, but in such a tasteful way that women who see them can have an awakening experience.

So, my friend, YOU don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. I’m here to help. But I want you to remember, it’s a mind/body proposition.

I have interviewed women all over the world about how they learned to ejaculate for the first time and here is the list of top 5 reasons that kept coming up again and again.


Women were able to ejaculate for the first time because:

1 – They discovered G-Spot stimulation and orgasm with and/or without their partner.

2 – They had the belief that female ejaculation was possible for them

3 – They saw and learned what female ejaculation looked like and where it came from in a video, book, a live demonstration, in a workshop, etc.

4 – They learned to let go more deeply instead of being afraid they would pee accidentally (I have some GREAT tips for this!)

5 – They were in an extended lovemaking session with themselves or with a partner and were very turned on and more open

While there are many advanced techniques for achieving female ejaculation, you might be surprised to see that within those top 5 reasons, many of them were not about technique.

They were about belief, empowerment, surrender, letting go, and learning.

Put all of those together with technique and you have a perfect recipe for a vamped up sex-life that makes you both feel hotter and more accomplished than ever before.

I even teach 5 totally unique G-Spot Stimulation options as part of my program. There are a myriad maneuvers you can do to bring her increased stimulation and pleasure if you just know what to do.

And if you’re worried about how to approach your woman, or even if you will tell her what you’re up to, I have another blog post coming up all about approach techniques.

With love,
Tallulah Sulis

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  1. Its really nice to know what turns on a woman to make her have a squirting orgasm. You can help men and women stay together forever. I have not made my woman squirt yet, but she does orgasm every time we do it and I know I don’t have to worry about her cheating on me. I can imagine what she will be like when I learn how to make her squirt. Thanks for helpingng us men and women cum together even closer!

    • Amen to that…!

  2. My biggest problem is getting my girl to release cause she afraid an always runs to the restroom cause she thinks she hasb to pee but she wants to be able to squirt cause she did a little once an wants that experience again

    • Hi Vee,
      That’s very common and we explain in Female Liquid Orgasm exactly how to overcome this fear with your lady.
      Since your woman is a willing partner in ejaculatory orgasms, why don’t you invest in FLO and learn together with the audios, videos and stroke techniques inside?

  3. Very informative-really thrilling

  4. Res ; How we know that she is ejaculating now …Like that man’s semen ejaculating …?

    • Women’s ejaculate is similar to a man’s semen in that they both travel down the urethra (pee hole) to come out. Women’s ejaculate is typically clear or milky and watery. A woman can have a very lubricated vaginal canal AND can have ejaculate coming from her urethra. You will know she’s ejaculating when you see or feel wetness that is greater than her typical vaginal lubrication. With practice, a couple can learn to help the woman release cups full of ejaculate during a squirting session. Female Liquid Orgasm is the private online program that shows you all the techniques you need to experience this with your partners.

  5. I’m not sure where you are gewtting your info,
    but grat topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for wonderrful informaton I was looking for
    this information for my mission.

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