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What Is Hot: The Element of Risk and Adventure

Let me share an important insight about peak sensual experiences, and a few tips with you.


I want you to think back to a sexual experience that stands out as exceptional and incredibly hot.

Anything come to mind?

Was it the fact that it was so naughty?

Was it a first-time experience?

Was it with someone whom you loved deeply?

Was it out of character?

Was there an element of risk and adventure?

If you understand your peak sexual experiences and why they stand out as such, then you can actively choose to recreate those experiences or variations of them.

Do you know what your lover’s peak sexual experiences have been?


I want you to ask your lover to imagine a scene that incorporates a couple of their peak sexual experiences. And then do the same yourself. Hold those thoughts to yourself at first.

Next I will show you how you can take your turn on and go even further with it than you ever thought possible. You can always make your sensuality a little more juicy and vibrant.

OK, Did you both imagine a scene that incorporates a couple of peak sexual experiences?

Did you know that one of the number one first-time ejaculation experiences women have are a result of being really turned on and aroused?


Women tell me that the more turned on and open, the less inhibited they are helps them surrender and release any control and armoring they have.

They also tell me that fantasy experiences can take them out of their head, totally into their body and their experience.

“Fabio, take me!  I’m yours!”

What a concept right?  What could be hotter than a woman completely surrendering herself fully to passion and ecstasy?

What would it take to catapult YOUR sex life into a new direction — one in which you were able to truly let go deeper than you ever had before?

Yes, this is possible for anyone who is willing to dream up their fantasies.

The process of learning to ejaculate encourages women to attain a whole new level of letting go and surrender.


Whether you and your lover have experienced the sheer joy of female ejaculation or you are still in the fantasy stage, just by reading this today, you are on your path to find her divine nectar and for you to support her and witness her experiencing this deep, pleasurable release that is a part of your birthright as man and woman together. Congratulations! Welcome on this road, fellow journeyman. I’m glad you’re here. Let’s take another step forward together. Hold my hand, I’ll guide you.

Did you know that I have created a Mind/Body Check In Routine you’ll use to get started on your journey? Yes, it’s just one of the many unique features of my teaching style.

Note: If you have any challenges – please write to me and let’s remove any obstacles you might have – [email protected] And if you have a success story, where you put your new knowledge to work – please write me and tell me the story – so I can share it with others to show them that yes, it is possible to go from learning to doing!

With love,
Tallulah Sulis


  1. We have had NO sex yet. Met her 20 months ago in Nikolaev, Ukraine and our email connection has grown.
    I will move from California to Ecuador in Sept, find a home for us and she will join me there.
    I am learning what PLM has to teach me.
    We have discussed the sex we want. She was married and has an 18-yr old boy.
    I have not ask her about her sexual experiences, but orgasms regularly and wants FLO, anal, 3-somes with me.
    Tallulah should I ask her about her experiences? If yes, why?

    • No Matt you should not ask her. Let her tell you what she wants to. A woman should have her secrets if she wants them. And you have yours

  2. she’s willing to try and has tried to think about her sexual experiencess that she’s enjoyed.has a hard time maintaining her mindset any advice she’s very sensual person

  3. i am having trouble reaching orgasm thru g -spot stim. i am using a great toy that hits it. i sometimes gush, not always. but the orgasm still seems to come from clit at same time, and anal stim accelerates it. i have read your explanations over several times. i seem to have a block.i would also like to be able to have g-spot orgasm with intercourse, that is another goal. i find recently the fantasy thinking accelerates the pleasure and i am starting to let go more. but i cannot figure out what i need to unblock my mind , and to have it happen sooner and also thru g-spot, not just clit or so much clit. when i am with a partner, they get tired of it because it takes too much time, and they just stop. i am not close with these men.but i just started with one who is closer,but it is new.

  4. My wife of 6 years surrenders in a passive way — if it can be called surrendering. It takes a lot of foreplay on my part and then she is ready for a clitoral orgasm followed by a vaginal orgasm and usually more than one. On rare occasion and without any intervention on my part she becomes insatiable and lustful — the wonderfully slutty wife I always wanted. She doesn’t know or won’t say what triggers the reversal of her attitude and behavior and declines to talk about it. If I could figure it out and cause it to happen, I would be a very happy husband and it would bring a new level of intimacy and affection to our relationship.

  5. I have the ability to squirt but I don’t feel anything yes I am turned on but the sensation is not there as it is in other orgasms. is this a normal feeling?

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