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If You Like To Celebrate Sex

If You Like To Celebrate Sex

My friend Brian is a veritable Wikipedia of traditional or Pagan holidays that celebrate sex.

Here’s what he wrote recently:

There are events happening all through the year, most notably in the seasons and with pagan or historical roots.   Being aware of and celebrating these rituals brings in a historical/ancestral component that greatly charges the potential of a gathering and creates some type of catharsis or “trance-formative” experience.

For example, as winter approaches, Autumn and October clearly symbolizes the journey back inward. Historically, it is a time of anticipation and some considerable concern for survival of the long winter ahead.  Traditionally, holidays or celebrations are meant to either

a.)  support/mimic this seasonal change (such as Halloween/Samhain/Harvest festivals)


b.) to directly refute the darkness with great extravagant celebrations and orgies (Winter Solstice in Ancient Greece, became known as the ritual Lenaea,
“The Festival of Wild Women.”  Ancient Rome also had their version
of the winter solstice, called Saturnalia;  the entire celebration is about sex).

As you plan ahead for your celebrations, remember that people have been joining together, celebrating their bodies and the pleasure they create from time immemorial.

If it doesn’t fly in the face of your own personal religious beliefs,  you may consider facing your darkness with an intentional wild celebration.

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