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May I Change Your Life By Blasting Every Preconceived Notion You Have About Sex?

May I Change Your Life By Blasting Every Preconceived Notion You Have About Sex?

I am Sloane Fox, sensual ambassador for Personal Life Media.

I have a sex life that 99.99% of people in the world can only dream about.

And it’s my reality, every day. But it wasn’t always this way.

My husband and I took the long, stupid, painful road for many years until we LEARNED the three most important things that reversed our relationship and fired up our intimacy and pleasure:

  1. Sexual communication skills
  2. Advanced sexual techniques
  3. A detailed understanding of anatomy

And you can learn this too. In fact, I’m going to be sharing some of my best secrets with you via this blog.

As a woman who is ecstatically married, has amazing sensual experiences and actively cultivates her turn-on, it’s my pleasure to share my insights with you about living full out in my sensuality.

Everything in my life has improved just by having off-the-hook great sex with my husband (and a few of our friends, too!).

I have never been happier in my whole life and it’s because I feel alive, appreciated, intimate, connected, grounded and live my life in a state of turn-on.

Everyone wants what I have. And I no longer have FOMO – fear of missing out. Everywhere I am is the most fun. Because I’m happy, alive, ecstatic.

Listen, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. And there’s so much great information out there now to make it easy for you to have what I have. Let me filter it FOR YOU so it’s easy to get the most amazing feelings, sensations and experiences possible.

It’s ridiculous how much having great sex can alter your whole life for the BETTER.

Whether you’re in a great relationship and want to make it sing, or you are looking for your perfect life partner or you just want to sleep around, enjoying your inner slut or becoming a sought-after cocksman.

I am going to teach you what I’ve learned. It’s my way of giving back. Of expanding the world.

And I adore Susan and Tim Bratton, the owners of Personal Life Media. The programs they produce, the way they live in the world, is so beautiful. They started as my friends and now I help them spread the word about their business.

I open my kimono to you, dear reader. Pull up close to me and let me unveil a world of grace, intimacy and rocking sex for your pleasure and illumination!

Use these links to connect with me. And send me email anytime. I love hearing from you sloane at personallifemedia dot com. And please, spread the word of my work to others who can benefit from having their mind blown wide open to a new level of possibility for themselves. . .


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  1. I am looking for a new love! As I told you before:m I mhave lead women to multile & latered Os. I have been squirted in the face. I have seen ecstasy on several faces, some could not talk for a while. My 7yr lady did not want tongue but after a yr or so would ask for it first. 75 but do not look or act like 75 told many times.

  2. Yes, you may.

  3. Keep talking Sloane, I am listening!!!

  4. Your email is very fascinating and useful. You give good information in sexual matters which is highly valuable and inspiring. Sometimes I feel that you don’t address my email queries as expected. Anyway, thanks for everything -ALS

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