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The Most Romantic Gestures – More WooHoo! in Your Woo

Wiseman, the author of “59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot” surveyed women about what gestures men could do that would be most appealing to them. This beautifully parallels the first two keys of seduction from “Seduce Her Tonight.” When you learn to give her Small Offers (like the list below) in the dance of seduction, and you use Erotic Vigilance to pay attention to “where she’s at,” she begins to feel that you are focused on her and tuned into her, which warms her to you. Knowing when she’s chilly, writing a song about her or creating a playlist – you have to KNOW her and PAY ATTENTION to her to implement these. It’s what we want! I suggest you add all of these to your calendar and do each one over the next six weeks. If she likes it you’ll know. If she doesn’t, just say, “Hey, I thought I’d try something new you might find romantic.” “Don’t worry, I have other ideas you might enjoy more.” “Just wait, baby.”

You score MAD POINTS just for trying to be romantic.

Then come back and comment below about how well they worked. I want to hear your stories!

Top Ten List of Romantic Gestures

40% – Cover her eyes and lead her to a lovely surprise. 28% – Write a song or poem about her. 25% – Tell her that she is the most wonderful woman you have ever met. 22% – Run her a relaxing bath after she has had a bad day at work. 22% – Send her a romantic text or email, or leave a note around the house. 22% – Wake her up with breakfast in bed. 18% – Offer her a coat when she is cold. 16% – Send her a large bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates at her workplace. 12% – Make her a playlist of her favorite music.

According to Wiseman, “Interestingly, it seems gestures that reflect a form of escapism and surprise top the list, followed by those that reflect thoughtfulness, with blatant acts of materialism trailing in last place – scientific evidence, perhaps, that when it comes to romance, it’s really the thought that counts.”

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  1. Very effective lesson.Thankyou.

  2. Thank you, I learn so much from you four women
    Matt Donnelly

  3. Keep the romantic ideas coming. Very effective.

  4. hot/warm oil message over her body neck.back and leg
    but in summer do not use warm oil–massage makes my women fully tame and submissive and takes away her tiredness and shows your love and care because your fingers respond to your love and if you read deeper then there are ultraviolet waves which comes out depending the amount of love and care you show her.what you wrote above most of them looks artificial and i dont agree–try what i wrote above and see what happens

  5. HI SLOANNE,gee I love your stuff so much.
    what are the 3 words,that can make a woman feel so???????
    What are the powerfull words that make woman want????????
    How can I learn on how to seduce my wife or lover????????



  6. I like these ideas. All good. Also taking time to use little post it type notes. Tell her what you like about her. Leave them where she will find them through out her day. Keep her thinking about YOU!

  7. Many state that women hate money being spent on them in seduction. Gifts do NOT work in seduction because women despise the thought of being bought and the pressure (real or imagined) it puts them under to reciprocate.
    Having said that, blindfolds, running the bath etc these things I would agree with, they contain a sensual element but it must be played carefully. You cannot be under any expectation of reciprocation.
    This also applies differently if it is your significant other as opposed to a lady you are not in a relationship with. In a relationship, gifting is more appropriate in general.

  8. Nearly everything that is suggested in this program talks about romance. They just assume every woman likes this stuff. My wife isn’t the romantic type, so nearly everything I try from your program fails. I’ve come to the conclusion that if a woman isn’t the romantic type, there’s no way to seduce her. You just have to hope she’s naturally in the mood.

    • You have to bring it out of her, have you given her earth shattering, mind blowing, squirting orgasms, if not look into learning how women you cant get in the mood havent been f@$!ed right

  9. OK

  10. Great.Thanks for this ideas.We over a period of time take our wife for granted.Instead of waiting for her to come in mood you plan and create a situation.

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