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"You Seem So Cold. MONEY MONEY." Just the Opposite!

"You Seem So Cold. MONEY MONEY." Just the Opposite!

This is a real email thread from a customer on my mailing list.

He wasn’t clear who I was or what we did and he was also upset.

I can imagine he’s not the only one, and I wanted you to see my response so you too might get a better idea of what we do here at Personal Life Media.

—–Original Message—–
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2011 2:50 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Lord of the Brings… Why It’s A “Trilogy”

You seem so cold .  MONEY MONEY . How bout a call for help???  Do you know how 2 help?

—- Sloane Fox <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi “NameSupressed,”

This is Sloane Fox. I work with Dr. Patti at Personal Life Media.
Your email seemed a little frustrated with us.
We are far from cold, once you get to know us.
I’d be pleased to help you.
What can we do to support you, dear?

On Jan 2, 2011, at 4:06 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:

I am wondering what it is you do? Can you explain, without a cost factor.  I wood like some help, ok. Thank you for your note. Happy new year, by the way.
On Jan 3, 2011, at 8:11 AM, —- Sloane Fox <[email protected]> wrote:

We publish online training programs for your Personal Life.

You can see them all at

We focus on teaching our customers personal goals, personal value systems and advanced sexual communication and techniques.

We offer free reports and free email newsletters that explain much of our work and serve to educate our prospective and current customers.

We also promote other online training programs from personal friends whose programs compliment our product offering.

Within each of our online training programs, like Expand Her Orgasm Tonight or Female Liquid Orgasm or Seduce Her Tonight or Speak Up with Power and Influence we have a forum in which members can post their questions and our experts and other customers on the journey together can answer and talk among themselves.

The reason that I asked what your problem was, NameSupressed, is that you seem very frustrated and as the Ambassador at Personal Life Media, it’s my job to take care of our customers and see if there’s anything that we can do to help them.

So, the net of this is that we sell information and training and in doing so, we try to connect at a human level with our customers because we care and we like to help.

If your problem is outside the scope of our expertise, we’d be the first to say so.
Hope that helps.

Happy New Year.


  1. Where can these love light be purchased?

  2. Sloan, I undersdtand in part what the person was saying when he said that you are all about the money. I am a retired man living on social security and a small pension. I am not able to purchase your products nor those of,Gabrielle Moore, Jason Julius, Two Girls Teach Sex, and other. Yet, I wish I knew a lot of this stuff years ago, I;ve been married for 44 years and had been stuck in the rut of the same old sex for years. But now, it has been 8 years with absolutely no sex. I honestly wish I could afford some of the materials you and the others are selling. Instead, I have tried to piece together as much information as I can from all sources on the internet. Thanks for understanding.

    • I had the same problem 1 year ago. 3 words that will change your life. “LEARN TO DANCE”. Woman love guys that can dance. I’m 71 but don’t look like it. Had lots of sex with woman that did not care about my age. If you can walk you can learn how to dance.

  3. Hi Sloane,

    Please make sure to relay this to Tim, Susan ,Tallulah, Dr. Patti,

    ” Names suppressed” have entirely missed the incredible amount of information and education the people of Personal Life Media ARE providing free of charge out of the goodness of your enthusiastic, can’t wait to share this with the world, huge hearts!! You obviously all have the heart of teachers .

    ” Names suppressed” have also missed the fact that even more information can be gained by purchasing the entire programs offered. Just because he feels he can’t afford it, does not make you greedy. I find your pricing very fair-, you all obviously deserve to be paid for the time and effort that has been spent compiling all the info into one convenient location.

    Presently my financial situation makes me feel that I cannot justify purchasing any of your programs, however , I wish I could purchase every damn one of them !! I would like to personally THANK every one of you for all of the webinars, free downloads, and blogs that you continue to provide . The education, better understanding of my wife and human beings in general that I have gained in the past few months of enjoying your material is incredible . THANK YOU ALL AGAIN SO MUCH !!


    P.S. Absolutely love the style and vibe all of you present. Hope you all are selling enough to be happily successful, you all deserve every bit of it. Huge hugs to all of you.

  4. I have bought quite a few ebooks and programs on this subject material. Let me just say that I have found absolutely no other source offering as much free information as personal life media does and I am so impressed with the material and professionalism of these four women.

    • Thanks Will – that’s so nice of you!

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