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How Does Hysterectomy Affect Expanded Orgasm and Sensation? [Mailbag]

How Does Hysterectomy Affect Expanded Orgasm and Sensation? [Mailbag]

Mapping and all the techniques Dr. Patti talks about in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, how do they relate to women that have had a hysterectomy resulting in less sensation and desire?


Hi Dave,

Sometimes with a hysterectomy, especially if they take the cervix, there can be pain deep inside with penetration from scar tissue. This is easily fixed by cleaning up the scar tissue. Also, with the cervix gone, there can be some diminished sensation up inside.

The G-area and clitoris are still fully functioning and the orgasmic sensation is fully available, unless she has some limiting beliefs about feeling the sensations.

I suggest you start a manual, genital massage program with her to engorge her and get a lot of blood and feeling into her entire genital area, her legs, her belly, her mons… get it all full and feeling good. Expanded Orgasm can do this, as can regular sensual massage.

Read these posts to learn more about all the places you can stroke, knead, rub and touch (oh so gently!) to get started mapping her Yoni.
Mapping works! All Patti’s techniques work! Even post-hysterectomy.

Get your wife’s buy in and make sure you get a lot of verbal and biofeedback from her throughout the process of enlivening her sensation again.

This will be fun, pleasurable and heart-filled times you’ll spend with her. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions come up.
We are here for you.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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  1. That raises and answers a question I had. Thanks for the information and the plan of action to see that whatever sensation remains(and hopefully all of it) is stimulated in the way to provide the most pleasure and best outcome. I was especially pleased to review the techniques that will produce the best results. There is a lot to learn about all those specialized body parts.

  2. Been married for 41 years. Once she got pregnant at age 39, she lost basically all interest in sex. For the last 23 years, I have tried everything. I have purchased toys, erotic massage programs, G-Spot programs, Hot Licks program, etc.. and nothing seems to work. I have asked her to read or look at the videos with me or by herself and she refuses. Her response “I’M not interested” or “that’s dirty”. She went to the doctor once and she suggested hormone therapy. Wife declined because of possible side effects.
    We have sex once a month the same boring way for 30 + years. Over that time, she has allowed a few suggestions that I have recommended such as: use of bullet/vibrator to help stimulate her. She refuses to let me touch or kiss her vaginal area. Says she doesn’t like it. She did the one time I got to before we were married. She promised we would do that when we were married. Never happened!!! I finely got her to use a small pillow under to help me hit her G-spot and it works. She has orgasms (I make sure she has at least 2 before I penetrate her). Usually she will have another during the act. I am on a lot of medicine because of heart problems so it takes me a long time to cum. Most of the time we have to stop because she gets tired or sore and we will masturbate me to finish. Medication is one problem but boredom and not being able to touch, caress, and play with her body is my biggest problem. I know if she would just loosen up and let me give her oral sex and try some different positions our sex life would be 100 X’s better. For me- a lot of promises given before and at start of marriage and none ever fulfilled. Depressed and in need of help. Made a promise to her 41 years ago to take care of her so leaving is out, need help convincing her to try new things.

    • I have the same problem(s). She told me it hurt her to have sex. So for 27 years there has been no sex. About a year ago I asked our family doctor if there was anything that could be done. Suddenly she told the doctor she was fine and that sex would be no problem. We started having sex again for a couple of months. Then she complained about hurting again. Now no sex again. She acts like all sex is dirty or something. I am at the point I have seriously thought about going outside of our marriage. I feel betrayed and cheated. What can I do?

    • Eddie, you sound like a dream, wish my husband were as loving!

    • Eddie ha buddy dont tell her anything at all at to what you are going to do to her start of with teasing her a little at a time touch her in ways to stimulate her this may take time and every so often pull on her hair so slightly on the back of her head firmly it sounds like she wants you to take control of it and not tell her what you are going to do with her some women are wired in that way for certain reasons tease her, leave her a note and dont say anything more to her let her wonder a little she needs to crave you and it will only start with touches first it may take 2 weeks as well she will respond to you and the last thing is don’t talk about sex to her any more throw that out the window so now seduce her and dominate her give that a try. every thing is on this site for you to learn how to do it Ray

  3. I am so sorry guys!! Your wifes need to get a life. At 60 I would love and adore a man to make love to me several times a week. With your wifes they have a block and need to work with a counselor to understand how much they need to work through their issues. They are not being fair to you or themself. They would be much more fulfilled women. I was married 25 years and have been single 14, I wanted to remarry after kids were grown and my baggage was gone!! I am so ready to find a man who will fulfil my needs!! Ask them to read this and be thankful they have someone who cares. Your lifes are never to old to grow, change and make more fulling. We must grow all are lives, to succeed and to be the best person we can possibly be. This is truly written by a women who is looking for a real man to have sex and intimacy, and she is beautiful sexual, and sensual at 60!!Once you have it you can’t live without it and feel a complete women!!!!!!!!

    • Wow, Marsha, you’re so impressive! I’m a 61 yr. old white male who had to re-read your letter to make sure what I read was correct! I honestly didn’t think there were any women our age out there who still thought sex was important and wanted a lover. Make love several times a week? Amazing! Sadly, all of my married friends stopped that vital aspect of their lives ages ago. A big reason I don’t believe humans were made to live together for a long time. I don’t know if you’re a white lady, most women with your sexual attitude are women of color (explains my fondness for black women, they have a better vibe on sexuality in general). I would love to find a lady such as yourself. I love your insight and the passion of your letter. I sincerely wish you the best in your quest for a good man and lover. Kisses, Marvin

      • marvin
        im a 68 year old white woman and believe me there are lots of us that still want sex. good sex!

        • Amen, Aqua!!!!

    • I am fortunate that my partner and I enjoy an active sex life. She is 70 and I am 75. She is not as open minded as I would prefer. Still, we love satisfying each other…..

  4. As men and women, it’s amazing how we react to life differently. I, too, was married for 33 years, thinking it was for a lifetime. But after decades of emotional pain and neglect, our sex life couldn’t survive. I was too angry to allow the pleasure. Too resentful. But I was also too sexual to stay in the marriage once I decided I deserved a sex life! I’m in my late 50’s, happily divorced, and have the most amazing sexual appetite. I have years of pleasure to give and receive to make up for now!!

    Take a risk…..go after what you know you deserve. Living a sexually full life has given me my life back!

  5. Not all women in their late 50’s early 60’s post hysterectomy have given up on sex. I am almost 60 and have been divorced for four years and have a lover who is 79. We are lovers until I find someone who wants a long term relationship. We both know the score but both agree sex is important for happiness and your health. You are never too old to learn something new. Wishing you all an improved sex life with love and affection.

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