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How To Be Romantic: Sexy Questions To Ask Your Partner

How To Be Romantic: Sexy Questions To Ask Your Partner

How about that crazy ‘you only go to Tijuana for the first time once!’ story?

Now THAT’S a story I’d like to hear.

Would you?

Ask these sexy questions on your date night and see what gets divulged:

– What Tantric sex scene do you fantasize about?

– Describe the the hottest lingerie outfit you could design.


- Tell me about the most “taboo” sexual experience you’ve ever had.

– What are the 3 foreplay activities you need to get turned on?

– Do you ever worry that you are too sexually hungry or not desirous enough?

Romantic ideas.

Your partner is a unique human being, filled with amazing insights, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Communication is the key to really knowing and fully loving her.

NOTE: Here’s another post you might like…  about being a Red-Blooded Man.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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