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Female Ejaculate: Where Does All The Liquid Come From?

Female Ejaculate: Where Does All The Liquid Come From?

I watched your video on female ejaculation and found myself wondering: 

Where aside from the bladder could the liquid volume I saw being ejaculated be stored in the female anatomy?

You say its composition is similar to amniotic fluid, but if the woman is not pregnant, it isn’t coming from the womb.

I understand about the prostate, but it obviously couldn’t be storing that amount of liquid, as in even in men there is nowhere near that volume.  I can only conclude that the ejaculate is:  a combination of vaginal secretion, prostate ejaculate (very small amount, the part that often “squirts” out with high pressure but low volume, and would contain the prostaglandins you mention), and clear urine (the gushing amounts).

Please correct me with the specific anatomy and physiology if I am wrong.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with peeing with some orgasms, but I do know from experience that some men just love to get their ladies pissed off, and that worship of the Divine Goddess need not be confused with poor toilet training.

Hi Chris,
This is definitely a question that is still being investigated. I haven’t come across any research yet that definitively states the precise way large amounts of ejaculate are being produced.

There have been studies that show that there is fluid coming from both the bladder and Skenes Glands as well as the fact that ejaculate, when tested, contains high amounts of glucose and Prostatic fluid.

Don’t be fooled — just because fluid can come from the bladder DOES NOT mean that it has to be urine. During arousal, several chemical and hormonal reactions are happening in the body.

It is said that the fluid, if it does come from the bladder, is a chemically altered fluid of arousal. That is why it is usually clear and doesn’t smell or taste like urine.

There are small amounts of urine and urea found in ejaculate, but female ejaculate is largely made up of prostatic fluid, glucose and water. There have been studies where women have been catheterized, their bladders completely drained, and they produced and expelled large amounts of fluid during arousal/orgasm which seemed to come from the bladder but which was not urine.

Again, there are small amounts of urine, but ejaculate is a different fluid. It is unknown yet how the Skenes glands — which surround the G-Spot — work with the bladder to produce the fluid. The glands feed into the urethra and it is also said that they can in fact produce a large amount of fluid, similar to the process of lactation.

Is ejaculate a hormonally altered fluid of arousal from the bladder, the female prostate/ Skenes glands? The verdict is still out, but that is the conclusion that I have come to thus far.

Thank you for your question!
Tallulah Sulis

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  1. worth reading

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  3. Very informative. Thank you

  4. Grazie Tallulah! Very informative.
    I once had a Lady who said she didn’t orgasm very often (always love a challenge)!!
    When I made her squirt she was shocked and it took some convincing to reassure her it wasn’t urine!!
    Needless to say the next time I did the obvious!! :-))

  5. Very informative @nd interesting.You ladies are doong a very great and important job here. I really appreciate the work you sre doing

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