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Love or Above: Raise Your Vibration! Live Group Experiential Event

Love or Above: Raise Your Vibration! Live Group Experiential Event

Are your vibrations (energetic frequency) helping or hurting you?

What will it take to be one of those ‘lucky people’ who seems to effortlessly get all the opportunities…

They live a spiritual yet abundant life, have blissful relationships and excellent health?

Science shows us that everything on the planet, from people to animals to objects, vibrates with energy.

This concept has been around for centuries.

Throughout history, various cultures have devised systems to work with energy.

  • The Chinese practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi.
  • The Indians, Kundalini.
  • In Japan, Reiki is a popular practice.
  • Even the much-touted Law of Attraction is based on vibrational energy.

Energy Coach Christie Marie Sheldon, however, takes this theory one step further.

After spending the past 15 years working on the energy fields of over 10,000 people worldwide, she says that every person on the planet vibrates at a unique rate known as a personal energetic frequency.

A frequency that silently influences the circumstances, people and events you attract into your life.

A high energetic frequency attracts good things like career success,  self-confidence, well being, abundance, true friends and soulmates.

While a low energetic frequency attracts the wrong people, negativity, lack and illness.

And so the big question is…

Are your vibrations helping or hurting you?

According to Christie, throughout our lives we develop energetic blocks as a result of negative programming and past experiences.

For example the death of a loved one, failed relationships, lies we were told as children, advertising, even the movies we watch and music we listen to.

These energetic blocks silently bring down our vibrations, sabotage our dreams and goals, and cause us to continuously attract negative things into our lives.

The solution?

An invisible force that shapes your life experience.

Christie has just announced an exclusive online event where she’ll reveal more about your vibrations and how to get them working for you instead of against you.

I met Christine in Maui at the Awesomeness event and I can vouch for her authenticity.

The session happens this Thursday at 6pm Pacific Time – and participation is 100% complimentary.

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Love Or Above Webinar
Interestingly, this isn’t your typical online event – it’s an interactive experience.

During the session, Christie will guide you and thousands of other participants worldwide through a live group meditation to leverage on your collective intent, release your manifesting blockages, and raise your personal vibrations.

This is the kind of content Christie’s clients normally pay thousands of dollars in private one-on-one sessions, but you’re getting it without paying a cent.

I’m extremely curious about this online event, so I’ve made time to get on the call – and I strongly recommend you do too.

Go here to book your spot (it’s 100% complimentary).

Note: This is powerful stuff. The last time Christie held one of these events, over 15,000 people tuned in. Just imagine what can happen when thousands of people get together for a group meditation!

With love,
Patricia Taylor

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