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“Hours of Orgasms” Maverick Masterson Audio Download

“Hours of Orgasms” Maverick Masterson Audio Download

[This interview is appropriate for both men and women who are dating or in relationship – best especially if you’re married.]

At 82 years old, Ray Vetterlein told Maverick he didn’t start getting really good until he’d given 300 women Expanded Orgasms.

Listen to part one as Maverick explains in “regular guy language” what an Expanded Orgasm is, how he likes to give “hours of orgasms” to many women. The stories of different experiences he’s had with all kinds of women are fascinating!

Can any man do what Maverick does? He says he’s not special, any guy can learn, and it’s easy.

Find out the markers or guideposts he uses to know how to approach any individual woman and understand where she is in her orgasmic capability, her experience and her arousal.

Discover how Maverick classifies women’s orgasmic potential and ways he categorizes women.

Learn how Maverick got started giving women DO Dates and why his girlfriend lets him have DO dates with other women.

When women have deep emotional releases from these kinds of orgasmic experiences, learn what Maverick does.

Core Concepts from this interview:

20 Reasons Why Expanded Orgasms Make Your Relationship HOT n’ Juicy

DO Date

Touching For Rapture

Zone Theory [You have to own Revive Her Drive to access this interview. Get Revive Her Drive HERE.]

Orgasmic Peaking Technique

Penis Pivots and Hip Drops [Intercourse Technique]

Small Offers

Expanded Orgasm

Dating Multiple Women With Integrity

With love,
Susan Bratton

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  1. Hi, thanks for all the info. I’d love to know does Maverick ever get turned on when giving women DO dates that are not his primary girlfriend?

  2. Great Interview and model of integrating all your courses. I will get EHOT soon. I can’t find the link to the interview #2. Can you please post if there is one?

  3. i like hot ways

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