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Best Pick Up Line Works 99.99997% Of The Time

Best Pick Up Line Works 99.99997% Of The Time

(Click Below For Pick Up Line)

There’s a new study about how men and women feel about their opposite-sex friends.

It basically says that women do NOT have any romantic attraction to their male friends…

Check this out:

“Women… were blind to the mindset of their opposite-sex friends; because females generally * were not attracted to their male friends, * they assumed that this lack of attraction was mutual.”

WAIT! It gets better:

“As a result, men consistently *overestimated* the level of attraction felt by their female friends – and women consistently *underestimated* the level of attraction felt by their male friends.”

*** Look, I don’t want you being labeled as one of these “clueless” guys…

My good friend Carlos just released this new video explaining how this all works, and how you can avoid being “just friends.”

AND he gives you a pickup line that works 100% of the time…

Or maybe it’s only 99.99997%…   🙂

Be Naughty and Nice.

Note: BTW – this video shows you the ONLY way I know to break out of the Friends Zone with women…

With love,
Tallulah Sulis

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  1. Totally not true. A female will feel attracted to guys at any given point of time, even if the guy has not demonstrate anything that says he is interested.
    And the reason that I can say this is because I have been there.

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