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King Kong is a STUD

King Kong is a STUD

I got a copy of “King Kong” on HD (the new one by Peter Jackson), and I was pretty impressed with his version of the story. There’s a lot of good action and it’s well made.

I sound like a movie critic here…

The funny part is that Naomi Watts ends up falling for a thirty-foot gorilla all because the gorilla protects her and takes a dominant role the whole time.

Let me say that again: She falls in love with a thirty-foot GORILLA.

Some people may think that it’s all about Kong’s love for HER, but in a weird chick-logic emotional way, you can really understand her feelings for him.

After all, Kong was more of a man than the wussy lead actor she was supposed to play against. Until Adrian Brody comes along and does a decent job of rescuing her, Kong is the only MAN around.

Kinda funny, if you think about it.

Most animals don’t have a problem being masculine. They just do what they do best.

But we men seem to have some social hangups that need to be addressed.

The reality is that women today are waiting around for a guy who will step up and do the job of being a Man.

Take a look at this situation:

Guy meets woman.

Woman seems to like man.

Guy gets excited about woman.

They go out on a 2nd meeting. Things seem to go good…

Guy never hears from woman again.

“What happened?” he thinks.

And then it strikes him that this woman gave him every indication of digging him, and now she’s totally blown him off.

Then, rather than figure out the reason why things went the way they did, he chalks it up to:

“Women! Who understands them…”

Well, why not understand them? It’s not hard. Here, let’s go over a few basics:

– Women like a guy with energy and excitement in him.

If you’re one of those guys who doesn’t show his emotions, or tries to stay really cool ALL the freakin’ time, it’s
time to change.

You’re kidding yourself if you think emotional detachment is a personality trait. It’s not.

It’s a FLAW. Root it out and kill it!

You’ve got to get excited in this life, or you’re not living the life you were meant to live.

Ask yourself one question: How alive are you willing to be?

Don’t go overboard and be a spaz. Just show some passion and fire in you. The old timers used to call this “piss and
vinegar.” I call it Alpha Male Power (AMP).

If you can’t get AMP’d up about something in your life, you’re not LIVING.

– Women love a guy who can play with sexual tension and make HER feel alive.

Here’s the trick: You must artificially insert romantic obstacles between you two.

The Romantic Obstacles. Here’s one you can put in any conversation.

It’s a great challenge:

“You’re pretty cute. It’s a shame we’re in a public place or I’d bite your ear.

Maybe nibble on your earlobe. Kiss you along your neck. Then I’d probably go nuts and ravage you right there. Like I said, lucky we’re in a public place.”

Then change the subject to something else, like the weather or the high price of toaster pastries.

She’ll be burning for you for hours, dude. Just wait until you ARE alone.

Create these little challenges to romance at every opportunity. They are the imagined (or totally fabricated)
reasons that you and her can’t get together.

The more she thinks you’re able to delay ‘gratification’ the more turned on she will be.

That’s a pretty powerful concept (and technique) so I suggest you take it somewhere sunny and warm and let it grow in your mind. Take some time and think about it.

I’ve just given you two VERY important traits of an Alpha Man. These are some of the skills that I coach guys in the Secrets of the Alpha Man program.

I want you to learn how to bring out the REAL parts of your own personality that women will find naturally attractive…

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