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What’s Your Score? [Lover’s Quiz]

What’s Your Score? [Lover’s Quiz]

Sweetcakes, please take a minute right now and Download this free quiz and score your sexual skill levels for  “Making Her Multi-Orgasmic.” (I’ll email it when you register for the webinar.)

Give yourself 1 point for Novice,

2 points for Intermediate and 3 points for each Advanced checkmark.

Score your self in three areas of prowess:

– Anatomy and Body-Based Expertise

– Emotional Intelligence

– Skills and Techniques

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Tally your score — before and then after the webinar — to appreciate how much immediate progress you made.

If you can’t make my live webinar, a replay link will be emailed.

Add to your existing strengths regularly to…

Note from Suz: Please take our 3-minute survey.

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