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“Screamers” Blew Up The List [Orgasmic Hypnosis]

“Screamers” Blew Up The List [Orgasmic Hypnosis]

My list is blowing up with guys emailing me about Mark Cunningham’s “Screamers!” video. The suggestion that you could hypnotize any woman into having orgasms caused quite a ruckus!

One of our guys is blind and he’s asked me repeatedly to find a way to run it on his computer system. Hollah, Dillon!

Clay from the UK is convinced the girls are FAKING IT and Mark Cunningham, The Renegade Hypnotist is some freakazoid puppeteer.

I guarantee you, Clay, those girls ARE coming because:

A) I know Mark personally and though I’m DYING for him to Orgasmically Hypnotize me I have been too skeptical and afraid… until NOW.

B) He’s conducted over 40,000 hypnotism sessions and comed 413 women as of last week before his sold out Vegas seminar.

C) I had a dinner party at my house and invited my girlfriends to be guinea pigs and watched jealously as Mark gave them pleasure.

Now I’m convinced and I have a personal interview with Mark for you about how orgasmic hypnosis works.

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One thing that will interest you is that the guys who get this skill are typically guys married a while who want to get their woman to bust through her orgasmic set point.

Stay with me on this one. We have much to explore. Nail me with questions. I’ll get you answers.

Now I gotta get back to finding a clip of Mark making women scream in ecstasy for Dillon’s set up and email Matt back.

Matt asked, “Why do I feel that I would be guilty of something if I used this system?”

I will explain that you don’t do this to a woman without her consent so there’s no reason to feel guilty. WOMEN WANT THIS. Your woman loves to come. She might be eager for the experience of having you give her pleasure with just a touch.

Watch how Mark does it in these videos and believe me, it’s real.  This ain’t no party trick!

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  1. Susan thank you for your response to my concern of feeling guilty.

    However, my budget tells me that first I will purchase what you sell from PLM. I trust you.


    • You see, I was in the same boat… I threw my money at the screen, and here I am… Simply amazing!

      Kick ass site, by the way! 🙂

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