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Last As Long As You Want (Destroy Premature Ejaculation)

Last As Long As You Want (Destroy Premature Ejaculation)

Most women won’t admit it, but it’s a big problem. The sad truth is, if you come too early, that makes it very difficult for her to have an orgasm.

If you’ve ever come earlier than you’ve wanted to, listen closely. In the second installment of our Ejaculatory Freedom series, Jim and I cover a whole range of phenomenal tips to help you last longer.

Jim Benson


Jim Benson is an internationally renowned sex educator, acclaimed trainer to teachers of the best known Tantric lovemaking brand in the world, Sky Dancing Tantra and one of Personal Life Media’s, “Sex, Love & Intimacy Coaches” and a Master Coach in the Revive Her Drive Mastery Coaching series. Jim is an expert in male erectile empowerment, Taoist men’s sexual performance enhancement and creator of Multi-Orgasmic Lover for men.


In this recording, you’ll learn:

– Why you’re biologically designed to come quickly and how you can reverse your urge to ejaculate more quickly than you’d like to.  Last as long as you want.

– Precisely how much foreplay you need before she’s wet enough for penetration. Tip: don’t have sex before this!

– The magic of relaxation during sex for increased stamina and a simple mental switch you can use to quickly relax.

– An easy way to slow down your arousal, so you can both enjoy sex for longer.

– A detailed breakdown of premature ejaculation, its causes and its best cures.

– A lot more!

Listen Now:

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