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Cliteracy [Funny Video]

Cliteracy [Funny Video]

Artist Sophia Wallace created a giant gold clitoris to ride like a mechanical bull.

What’s cool about this is how you can really SEE the whole clitoral “system” in this video. You can see the tip of the clitoris (glans) as well as the bulbs that wrap around the vaginal canal. And you can see the two little legs (crura) that fly out from the sides.

Watch the video here:

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  1. I was unable to see the video. Don’t know why, maybe someone can help me.

    • Video has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. This woman and her attitude are what is ruining the female/male relationship in the western world. All dirty words are based on debasing female sex organs?? Really!!?? Faggot is derived from female sex organs? Fuck is derived from female sex organs?

    Female genitalia is beautiful and adored at least by this male and I strive to increase the pleasure to and for the female in every encounter. This woman sees EVERYTHING as confrontation between men and women. She IS the female I could do without encountering.

    What a shame she is seen as being so enlightened as she demonstrates the epitome of sexual aggression and male disdain. I am all for her work to educate about the female anatomy and how to honor it. I just think she is too stuck on trying to find deep cultural female hatred instead of enhancing understanding.

  3. I am unable to view the Cliteracy video ! Could someone help please ?

    • Video has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

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