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QiGong Practice with Tristan Truscott

QiGong Practice with Tristan Truscott

In this special interview with Tristan Truscott, co-founder of Satori Method, you’ll get to know what ‘QiGong‘ is and it’s many benefits.

Highlights include…

  • A vivid description of what a QiGong practice looks like,  how its done,  its components and benefits.
  • You’ll be introduced to this ancient energy boosting practice as Tristan walks us through the ‘6 Phases of QiGong’ and teaches us how to ‘Super-Charge’ yourself through his 10 minute a day ‘Good Morning Good Evening Practice’.
  • Listen, participate, and if you’re new to this, experience your first ‘Qi Gong’ practice as Tristan leads us through a beautiful seated 8-minute moving meditation.

This interview is no chit-chat. Its loaded with information that will help you get started with ‘QiGong’

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