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BJ Sex Position [Oral Story #2]

BJ Sex Position [Oral Story #2]

Yesterday I told you the story about how – after using The Blow Job Secret – I became conscious of all the pleasure my body is capable of having by freestyling my lips, tongue and mouth on his manhood.

Just last week I wanted to try this blow job sex position:

Usually when we do 69, I am on my hands and knees over my man. He is lying down on the bed on his back. But that day, I was wearing fishnet stockings, ridiculously high heels and a corset. (no bra, no panties) Fishnets are sexy as heck, but there’s one thing you guys probably don’t know about them…

When you’re on your knees in fishnets, the material grinds into your knees and hurts. I can’t lose myself if my knees hurt. So I wanted to be on the bottom.

Now here’s the most important detail:
You must know the proper way to “breathe” a woman who is going down on you. Because when I lay down on MY back, and he is on his hands and knees above me, I am supine and he is controlling how deep and how fast he is pumping his manhood into my mouth.

And, he’s eating me out at the same time! This double focus takes a very masterful lover who knows exactly how to thrust and stroke so that I can go into a sexual pleasure trance…

… instead of choking, gasping or gagging.

No sir! That you don’t want.

Therefore, I hold nothing back in my new Special Report, “Get Her To Blow You.”

I divulge everything you need to know to pull off these advanced maneuvers. Including, as a bonus for Personal Life Media members, 3 extra Reports like this one:

Blow Job Sex Positions <=== Get This FREE With Your Order!

Get Her To Blow You Special Report

Everybody has sex positions for intercourse. But nobody has ever compiled the perfect oral sex positions for her ultimate orgasmic pleasure. Until now.

Included with this guide is my trademark blowjob position that GUARANTEES your woman comes while she’s doing you.

If you swing right or left, high or low… I explain the 4 aspects of Body Dynamics — Flexibility, Weight, Height, and Penis Direction — to determine the best BLOW JOB SEX POSITIONS for you and your lady.

Discover the 6 possible positions you can use as building blocks to personalize your own set of blow job sex positions. (Even the Kama Sutra’s variations are built on this!)

Go now and get your copy and let me know your comments. I can’t wait to hear from you!

If you don’t know how to move her body around on the bed, in the car, on the sofa or the golf course bunker so that your dick slips in her mouth perfectly, I’ll teach you how inside.

Blow Job Sex Positions takes into account EVERYTHING you need to slide all the way in and have her greedily lap you up.

Discover HoT Oral Sex Positions. Look!

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  1. This sounds very Erotic I will definitely buy this ebook

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