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She Will Milk Your Prostate

She Will Milk Your Prostate

Last night I snuggled up in bed with my man and watched the Anal Massage DVD’s from our new Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection.

This high quality video of sensual instruction will teach you how to give exquisite anal pleasure to both men (includes milking of the prostate) and women (g-spot through the anus) and also includes an erogenous massage of the derriere.

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This is not an anal intercourse video — it doesn’t show you how to penetrate her with your member. Instead it’s all the sensual touch techniques that awaken and enliven her derriere (and your butt too.)

First the beautiful woman (a sexy and well-educated somatic sex expert) demonstrates all kinds of warm up anal touch techniques such as:

– A long luscious stroke between your cheeks with massage oil to warm you up
Twiddling thumbs in a rhythmic motion
– A butterfly wavy motion with the outside edge of your hand between her cheeks
– Pulling your fingers apart simultaneously over her rosebud

It’s very sweet how the couples connect. (There are two couples who demonstrate different strokes in two massaging sessions.)

When I watched how the women massaged the men there were two aspects I appreciated most:

1) Seeing exactly how to slowly work up to massaging the prostate about an inch inside and
2) Milking a man’s prostate by stroking up inside while fondling the shaft of his penis

Wow! I am excited to try that ASAP on my man. It looks like it feels heavenly.

The video shows you right where to rub the prostate inside while youre fondling the shaft outside

My honey says his favorite aspects are:

1) It’s rejection proof because you’re not just shoving your finger there – you learn how to ramp her arousal.
2) If you memorize what you’re watching you’ll know exactly what to do so women who have never experienced anal pleasuring before would be willing.

He called it an “anal sex blueprint.”

For both of us, it gave us the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what to do.

Pleasurable anal experiences are all about the warm up – the smooth and easy strokes – and how to get the finger out once you’ve eased it in.

Turns out there’s easy and “right” way to remove your finger too.

This video – one of the 8 in the collection – includes:

– Anatomy of the pelvic floor and anal area
– Warm up massage for the butt and thighs
– Techniques for external and internal anal touch
– Male and Female anal massage
– How to milk the prostate and massage the G-spot through the anus
– Positions for anal massage

Experience the most beautiful demonstration of anal touch as fingers play on rosebuds.

In this DVD presentation you have the option of a somatic sex expert’s seductive instruction as a voice track or simply watching as piece of erotica with flowing music and image.

This high quality work of sensual instruction will teach you how to give exquisite anal pleasure to both men (includes milking of the prostate) and women (g-spot through the anus) and also includes an erogenous massage of the derriere.

This film is a great way to introduce anal play to your lover and is perfect for watching together.

Our Steamy Sex Ed Collection goes on sale November 15-18th.

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Get it in time to lie around during Thanksgiving vacation binge watching and love making. These videos are better than a set of defibrillator paddles for your sex life.

Sizzle reels of the video will be coming out very soon. Watch out for it.

One Comment

  1. What about milking your own prostate? I’ve heard it’s possible.
    Is “milking” a form of male orgasm?
    Does “milk” flow from your cock – as opposed to the surging contractions of ejaculation?
    If so, can you milk again & again – or is there a refractory period – like an ejaculatory orgasm?

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