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Confessions Of A Dongle Diddler [Oral Story #4]

Confessions Of A Dongle Diddler [Oral Story #4]

How to get her to want to enjoy your member in one way or another (appreciate, play with, lick, suck) every day for the rest of your life.

Lauren gives her husband oral sex at least once a week. And she’d do it more (and often does) when they’re not dead tired. Every single week without fail he makes a sex date with her.

They usually talk, then hug, then make out, he goes down on her, she gives him oral, they do 69 and then they have as much intercourse as she wants. It wasn’t always like this. But now they have a healthy sex life. Throughout the week, they squeeze in genital massages and lot of hugging. She likes foot rubs while he prefers more oral and hand jobs with any extra loving time they can add to their busy week.

The more she diddles with his dongle, the happier he is. And she knows it. So she puts a lot of attention on his manhood. Sometimes at night when they flop into bed she plays with him with her hands or gives him 3 little licks. (Alert! NOT a spoiler.)

You will never be able to guess what the “3 Little Licks Trick” is in Sloane’s new Special Report,

“The Blow Job Secret.”

Get Her To Blow You Special Report. Look!

If you want to experience this level of action on your johnson, it helps to know everything Sloane explains, including:

How to get her to want to enjoy your member in one way or another (appreciate, play with, lick, suck) every day for the rest of your life.

Are you snorting indignantly and thinking to yourself, “I could never get MY partner to ever do that!”

That’s called a “defeatist attitude.”

You’re screwed before you even try — so of course you won’t get any cock appreciation — because you don’t know how to create that in your relationship.

You don’t know The Blow Job Secret. So no one can blame you for not believing that it’s possible to get all the oral pleasure you want.

For the first time ever, you can use The Blow Job Secret to get more head in the next week than you’ve gotten in the last month. . .

Sloane didn’t hold back anything and wrote 3 more Reports she’s including as bonuses. Get this:

– Blow Job Sex Positions
– Deep Throating
– And another Report I can’t write the name of.

Enable images to get Special Report.

Go here to see the name of the bonus and grab a copy now for 90% off for a limited time.

If you want the Fellatio Secret that  “inspires her” to shyly reach down and hold you in her hand and then bend over and kiss your tip with her sweet little lips and then give you a couple of laps, licks and sucks. . . and think the whole thing was HER idea, then go here now.

The Blow Job Secret<=== Use This Tonight

If your lady is giving you regular oral, there is still a world of wisdom inside Sloane’s Special Report that can help you increase the pleasure you are having. She put her most advanced techniques inside and held nothing back. You can show your gal how to have even more orgasmic enjoyment from giving you head than she is already by reading this report.

Discover Tricks that Gets Her To Give You Head

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