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Generate Testosterone Naturally

Generate Testosterone Naturally

Bryan from Nottingham, UK writes, “I’ve read a few articles that suggest that testosterone obtained by external means can cause prostate problems for men. But you make no mention of this in your articles, which surprises me, as this could put men’s health at risk. Also here in UK, doctors are very reluctant to prescribe T.”   

I’ve been talking to you a lot recently about testosterone replacement therapy and here’s why.

I am not interested in just helping you have great sex, I’m interested in helping you have a rockin’ LIFE.

If you’re low in testosterone, you can supplement it and have more energy, better erections, more desire, more muscle strength, and more muscle mass.

Here’s an option called Testosterone Rewind that shows you what to do to actually regenerate your own Testosterone without supplementation.

Testosterone Rewind <=== An Excellent Way To Regenerate Your Own T

You can have less fat and more muscle. Testosterone can strengthen your bones, it will improve your mood and sharpen your mind.

Testosterone affects your mood and personality, the speed of your memory recall, your muscle to fat ratio, whether you get man boobs and other feminizing features like osteoporosis, and it also affects the feeling of powerful energy or fatigue, your personal self-confidence, and resourcefulness.

If you are experiencing low desire or weak erections, it could very well be that you’re low in testosterone. Interestingly enough when men have very low testosterone, they also have hot flashes.

According to Dr. Abraham Morgenthaler, the Harvard physician who is responsible for coining the term, “low T,” as many as 40% of men 45 years or older have low T.

You can take a blood test of course, but you have to ask yourself, “Do I feel the way I’ve always felt?”

Are you “yourself?”

According to Dr. Abe, the treatment is safe. But you can also try this:

This guy has proof that over 11,000 guys have shot their testosterone through the roof without chemicals, supplements, gels or injections.


Testosterone supplement therapy is no longer considered to be dangerous or to cause prostate cancer.

Dr. Abe literally went into the basement at Harvard University and dug out the original study that said that testosterone would give you prostate cancer.

And in that study he could find nowhere where that was actually proven. And in all of his work throughout all of these years, he has had no cases of men who have had prostate cancer from testosterone therapy, except on one medicine that suppresses all testosterone.

As a matter of fact Dr. Abe and his partners went through over 200 medical research studies, and found no indication of any one who had prostate cancer from testosterone supplement therapy.

Doctors are not deliberately misinforming their patients. Instead, they are the victims of something known as the informational cascade, which turns out to be something that’s repeated so many times that it becomes true even though it isn’t.

So it’s time to update your thinking if you think there’s a causal relationship between testosterone and prostate cancer.

As Abe so aptly says, “Screw aging!” Why would you put up with creaky knees, wrinkled skin, bad eyesight, or hearing loss when you can fix all of those aging issues?

Abe says to try a three month treatment and then decide. If you don’t want to use external T supplementation…

This man has helped over 11,292 guys to rewind their testosterone levels to what it was 20 years ago.


You can live to be 100 years old now. But you have to take care of yourself, keep yourself vital. And that goes for your partner too.

Hormone replacement therapy with estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone for women, is very helpful in keeping your woman young and vital too. 

Hormones are so vital to sexual health and libido that I have an entire insider’s interview with Dr. Deb Metzger. Dr. Deb is a leading endocrinologist and gynecologist.

So if you haven’t had a checkup, if you haven’t gone to the dentist, if you haven’t gotten bloodwork, if you haven’t gotten glasses that help keep your vision strong, if your hearing is starting to go and you haven’t gotten a hearing aid, go take care of these things now.

If your wife is facing a decline in libido, help her understand her HRT options too. Why wait another day to correct things that are easily correctable?

I only want the best for you. Great doctor’s care. A great life. Great sex. Every day that goes by you are dying unless you are thriving.

Go here now and bookmark this page if you don’t have time to watch today.

If you have been meaning to deal with your T levels, this is an important video to consider all your options.


  1. I had a R/T/A in 2004 and my body can not make “t” any more,I would love to no more about anything I can do to
    help myself get back on track….
    Thanks a lot Martin……

  2. Thank you for this very important article on HRT or Low T treatment. I found your article refreshing and simply it presented simple facts with reference material about the misunderstanding of testosterone replacement therapy. Anyone who doesn’t believe men go through a mid-life change are kidding themselves. All the best.

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