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Is She Flirting With Me?

Is She Flirting With Me?

If you knew how many times a woman was flirting with you, making a pass at you, or even just sitting there wishing you would make a move and you missed the signals you’d fall down on the ground and cry like a baby!

Every day you may be squandering opportunities to engage with women because unless you know THIS, the way she expresses sexual interest would elude you.

Decipher her sexual signals. <=== Sexual Interest Decoder

Women give off sexual radar, but if you can’t decode it, you miss opportunities left and right to engage and escalate. When women get together and coffee talk, we bemoan the fact that unless we’re strident about our interest, guys miss our intentions. But if we’re sexually assertive, we feel whorish. So we just don’t show you what we’re thinking and a lot of love gets left on the table.

Get the love off the table and take it for yours! <=== Know Her Signals Of Sexual Interest

That hot girl walking down the street is throwing off tons of indications she wants loving. Even a girl who stands with her friends at a party is constantly sending signals.

Understanding when a woman is interested skyrockets your potential for hooking up.

Women are very subtle about showing their desire. With this Sexual Decoder, you’ll finally KNOW when she wants you.


  1. good

  2. thank you for the erotic advice!! what signals should i be looking for? my prefrence is mature(40′)women who enjoy women too(bi) any advice for my erotic desire? thanks C.P.

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