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Let Her Know What She Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

Let Her Know What She Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

For her to want to give you lots of physical intimacy all the time and be deliriously happy with you as her man — THIS is exactly what you need to do.

If your partner isn’t meeting all your needs…
If you want to turn up her desire and passion…
If you’re wondering if this is the relationship for you…
If you’re feeling things are good, but just not great…
Or if you want inspiration for deeper intimacy. . .

I highly recommend you tune into The Passion Evolution Summit: Unlock the Keys to Lasting Love, Relationship & Sex.

Let’s face it: If you did, you’d be getting more and better sex, all year long!

It’s not often that men tune into interviews about bettering their relationships, and frankly, most guys need to.

This tele summit is full of vital information for men on increasing passion, turning up the sexual heat, and giving a woman what she craves from you as a lover.

I can say in all honesty, if you dedicate a little time to these enlightening interviews, you’re going to have a much happier, fulfilled and satisfied woman in your life and in your bed!

Get ready to discover mind blowing new ways to expand as a lover and to give and receive more love.

Join me at The Passion Evolution Summit — an online zero cost telesummit* focused on lasting love, satisfying relationship techniques and highly-erotic lovemaking!

I’ll be speaking on “The Higher Game: How To Get Your Partner To Give You What You Want” along with:

18 Top Notch Speakers including John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Carol Allen, Raphael Cushnir, Susie & Otto Collins, David Van Arrick, Robert Glover, Sherri Nickols, Judith Ansara & Robert Gass and many more…

For the first time ever, I’ll be walking you through my Relationship Values exercise so you can explain to your partner exactly what she can do to make your relationship AWESOME for you and you can give her the relationship of her dreams.

I’ve never before spoken on this subject in public, saving it only for my Revive Her Drive customers.

This is my secret weapon I use to teach men how to be the man she WANTS to be passionate with.

And I’m going to teach you, when you sign up for this complimentary tele summit put on by my friends Karen Brody and Tallie Rabin-Claassen.


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Passion Evolution Summit

There is no charge to participate unless you want to own the whole set of interviews, which will be offered during the program.

When you tune in for my episode on Wednesday, January 15th, you will get my Relationship Magic workbook as my gift.

Mark your calendar! January 15th. “The Higher Game: How To Get Your Partner To Give You What You Want.” 

Here is the line-up of speakers by date, name and topic titles:

Monday Jan. 13

Live Ceremony with John Gray: What are our most exciting next steps and possibilities in our Evolution of Love, Sex & Relationship

Tuesday Jan. 14

Susie and Otto Collins: Communication Magic: How to use Magic Words to Inspire Desire, Closeness, and a Deepening Love!
Robert Glover: How to Create Positive Emotional Tension: Why women need it for attraction and attachment & How Men Kill it
Sherri Nickols: Unleashing 7 Shades of Feminine Lusciousness: How to use play and fantasy to express your feminine power and drive your man wild!

Wednesday Jan. 15

Carol Allen: Is your love meant to be? An 8-step Assessment gets you to your Truth
Susan Bratton: The Higher Game: How to get your Partner to Give you what you Want
Michelle Maning-Kogler: Harnessing the Power of the Soul: How to Heal the Scars that Limit your Potential in Love

Thursday Jan. 16

Natalie Blais: Passionate Parenting: How to overcome tension and re-discover the pleasure and connection in co-parenting
David Van Arrick: Crack Her Erotic Code: The Keys to Unleash Your Woman’s Pleasure Potential, Desire & Total Devotion!
David Steel: Radical Commitment: 5 Promises that will Dramatically change Your Results In Love

Friday Jan. 17

Lisa Schrader: The Flowering of Feminine Pleasure: How to overcome feminine sexual burnout and lack of desire!
Judith Ansara and Robert Gass: Relationship as a Spiritual Path: How to Invite Each Other into the Sacred Dance of We
Allana Pratt: Am I with the Right Woman? The Key Questions a Man Should Ask Before he goes Astray or Away!
Raphael Cushnir: Expanded Lovemaking: How to Overcome Bedroom Routines and Open to Ecstatic Pleasure!

Monday Jan. 20

Special 45 min. Webinar with The Kama Sutra Company

Tuesday Jan. 21 The FINALE

Marci Shimoff: Famous From the movie, “The Secret”
Tallie Rabin: Keep the Love and Leave the Relationship: How to Leave with Power, Dignity and Love
Karen Brody: Open Her: How to use Masculine Power to Ignite a Woman’s Love, Desire & Devotion!

Even if you only listen to ONE of these interviews you will gain a great amount of insight into the affairs of the heart.

Let me know what you think of the event.

Give her the relationship of her dreams.. and you will get yours!

How do tele summits work? When you register  you will be emailed links to attend and listen to each interview at a specific time. You can listen from your computer (get a pair of headphones ready) to each of the scheduled speakers. I doesn’t cost you a penny if you attend the live event. And if you find that the advice and information is so valuable that you want to own and listen to these inspiring teachers over and over at a later date, there will be an option to purchase the series.



  1. you look sexy

  2. I want learn amore

  3. I have a question and in the typical male attitude it is rather selfish in nature. I think most women would agree that most men are rather simple minded, task oriented, self centered, and ignorant of feelings and a large camp of people would agree that a lot of those characterists plus many much more positive ones would also apply to pets and domestic animals. After listening to the Revive her drive program and others one of the hallmarks is men have to be patent and wait for results, “focus” on giving your women what they need and what they see/feel they need in order to get your sexual needs meet on any level and pass all the tests they through your way to see if you have what it takes to stick it out. However how long is a man supposed to be patient and wait for a slight glimmer of hope or a green light. Using the characteristics above if you want to train a dog or horse to be the best performer ever you do that by positive reinforcement not negative. if the women is not ever giving the man a little positive reinforcement ever so often how long does he wait before just giving up. A little release from pressure or treat will train that individual to continue doing the asked “trick” with less resistance and more enthusiasm with each positive reinforcement. Nothing in the programs seems to suggest the female needs to “give” a little positive reinforcement or that a man should even expect it, and just continue to drive forward, but at least for me that is difficult day after day of “failure” to see any results and one new “test” after new “test” to see if you have what it takes. How long do you wait and keep trying. How long to you wait to see if any of the things you are attempting is making a difference and asking for what she can do is appropriate and “safe” not to mention something that is actually possible.

  4. Hi Dean,
    I get this question a lot because of my focus on men going first and initiating the energy and behaviors needed to build trust, respect, and attraction again.

    HOWEVER, he does NOT do this forever! As you point out, a woman must make a choice at some point whether she is in or out of the relationship. All of my clients are married with years of struggle and bad behavior.

    How long a man must wait is strongly related to how long the relationship has been spiraling down. If he and his wife have been at odds for 3 years, he may need to make a commitment to himself and his changes for at least a year or more.

    Yes, it sucks, but most women cannot simply say, “Oh, I see you’re trying hard this week, how about we make love tonight!” They can be full of skepticism, distrust, and self-preservation.

    This is why I coach men to let go of being outcome dependent. The work they are doing is as much for their marriage as it is for the NEXT woman in their life. He must do it anyway.

    Women most quickly respond when they feel his work is authentic and independent of her judgment and reactions. In other words, many women want to feel that he doesn’t give a shit about her opinion of him or his work (on himself) before they make a positive move to encourage him.

    As much as we appreciated feminine support and encouragement, we must remove the “pressure” of that expectation from them while we are doing our own work. This is why relationships with other initiated, caring men are SO important. We can gain strength, validation, and approval from each other while we become the man we want to be – REGARDLESS of her choices.

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