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Listen For Free – The Answers To Your Sex Questions

Listen For Free – The Answers To Your Sex Questions

News Flash: There’s growing evidence that some women are neurally wired more for vaginal orgasms, others more for clitoral orgasms. As well, some women have more orgasmic sensation than others in their perineal area which is between the walls of the rectum and vagina.

Men, have you noticed that certain techniques you use on one woman don’t necessarily work as well on a different lover?

Women, this may explain why one man’s “moves” between the sheets get you off so much better than another guy…

There’s growing evidence that some women are neurally wired to feel one kind of O more than another. If she’s not “feeling it,” here’s one possible reason why!

If you or your partner have ANY trouble feeling sensation in any area of her girlie parts, you must read this article.


This is breakthrough information about the pudendal nerve bundle with a very helpful picture.

Please post a comment on the blog, will you, Honey? We love your feedback and ideas.

Also, Susan was interviewed by Ellen Eatough the creator of the Music for Better Sex. I’ve been listening to Ellen’s CDs while hubby makes love to me and it sends me into the most erotic trance!


Anyway, Ellen and Susan talked about Erotic Escalation – how to make your sex session hotter and hotter throughout the whole experience.

Find out:

- How to instantly get your partner to want you immediately, even when they’re not in the mood.
- How to fan the flames in the moment, move your partner into grateful erotic surrender, and experience the bliss of becoming one in your passion.
- Step-by-step techniques and erotic communication skills that will make you the best lover ever.
- The difference between how to make a woman or a man go out of their mind in passion when you know these strategies.

If you have a partner, you’ll want to listen to this show with them. It may just provide the breakthrough you need to take your sex life to the next level and beyond!

You can listen to the replay here:

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Let me know!


  1. Hi Susan, I haven’t logged in here for a long time. Glad I did today. I really need to ask you a question but cannot find a method to contact you but I do know you respond to blog comments. Here’s my question and perhaps you can address this in a blog post?

    My wife is INFATUATED with reading “chick” books, you know the one’s with all the fantasy crap that the authors suck them into? I’m really sick of the “book boyfriend/husband” concept. We do have a pretty good relationship but I’d like to know your thoughts on this. I’ve done alot of research on it and most say that they are reading it because they are missing something in their personal relationship. I agree with that to some extent but there are millions of women that are trapped in this fake fantasy world of books. And by the way, it’s such an obsession that she has her kindle with her at ALL times…
    Thank you kindly,

  2. The wife of a lifestyle friends writes “romance novels” and finds it to be a very lucrative side line business as these pseudo sexual publications sell very well. It a sort of oddity in the book business because they out sell the Bible by a wide margin. As a suggestion to find out what turns women on sexually try reading one of the big sellers. If you can create a similar atmosphere in your relationship with your lady you will likely be spending a lot of time in the bedroom. Good luck.

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