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Discover How Your Testosterone Triggers A Woman's Sexual Desire

Discover How Your Testosterone Triggers A Woman's Sexual Desire
New Testosterone health findings from my favorite men’s doctor, Abe Morgenthaler of Harvard clearly show that supplementing your Testosterone – if it’s low – can help your DHT (dihydrotestosterone) support better erections.
Have you checked your T levels?
DHT is involved in the signaling pathway that allows cells in the penis to release the chemical that causes erections.
“I promised you a report on Dr. Amend’s magic potion when I tried it out last night with a woman I had not seen since 1987 took me to dinner. It was fun talking over the last 26 years. I guess the stuff works!!
When we parted and she came towards me, I put out my hand. Her lips headed for my cheek, but to my surprise they landed on my lips. So the pheromones must work.” Hugs, Matt
Testosterone helps you live a longer, healthier life in myriad ways:
– T is crucial for bone density in men.
– Men with Low T die sooner than men with normal testosterone.
– Low T can make men grumpy.
– When men with blood sugar metabolism and diabetes issues take testosterone, their blood sugar control gets better.
– Men with low T are more likely to get diabetes.
– When your hormones are unbalanced, you have a higher risk of atherosclerosis (heart attacks) and stroke.
– There is no evidence that supplementing your T increases prostate cancer, except for men on Lupron.
– Without enough T, you have more fat tissue, can get man boobs or osteoporosis, which increases the risk of bone fractures.
– Low T can make you miserable, make your sex drive low or absent, give you chronic fatigue, depression and irritability.
If you want to try Dr. Amend’s pheromones, click the link below:
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Dr. M also mentions the work of Dr. Jonathan Wright who says that for many men, loss of hearing is a result of low aldosterone. By replacing alderostone, many of his patient’s hearing comes back measurably.
Plus, if you have plenty of Testosterone coursing through your body, you will not only have more “mojo,” you will be giving your woman a dose of T when you kiss her or ejaculate inside her. When you add to her Testosterone, it triggers sexual craving in your women.
Having enough Testosterone will increase your lady’s desire for you. And best of all, having enough T will give you a feeling of resourcefulness. You will be able to fight the dragons of life in a way that you simply cannot without enough of your masculine drive that comes from Testosterone.
You can go to your regular MD to get blood work done to test your T. It’s easy, fast and there are multiple options for supplements including creams and injections.
You do have to counteract one effect of taking Testosterone. It can increase male pattern baldness.
So when you take T, also use Rogaine topically on your hair so you keep the hair you have.
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I hope this has helped you. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any resources.


  1. Interesting to know that the “T” for men is low will affect the sex life. How do we get such supplement in the market ? What Band is the best recommended by expert ?Then Where to source it?and last How much does it cost ? thanks.

  2. Hi Dr. Patti. 🙂

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