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eBook For Men: The Key To Your Woman’s Love And Desire

eBook For Men: The Key To Your Woman’s Love And Desire

I have an amazing gift for you.

“Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire.”


My friend Karen Brody wrote this sexy, illuminating book for men — a ‘must read if you crave more passion, to turn up desire, and a deeper connection in love.

Karen is featured within Revive Her Drive on Seducing With Integrity.

She explains how begging or bargaining for sex result in less sex and gives you the alternatives.

I have also been a guest on her Passion Evolution Summit.

She is the real deal with great advice on the 7 Masculine Archetypes for women.

Karen Brody

“Open Her” is Karen’s brand new book and she’s letting me give you a digital copy!

It’s a book for men that women can’t keep their hands off.

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Email me and let me know which Masculine Archetype you are. I find that fascinating.

I hope you are loving being on my list and getting so many awesome freebies.

Tell your friends.

Ladies, you can grab this book too. And send your guy friends to the link to get a copy.

Karen said I can give away as many as I want in the next few days. W00t! Love ya. 🙂


  1. Where is this free Ebook? I’ve sent the request, I’ve confirmed, I am a member and I’ve logged in: so where is it? This seems to happen rather a lot….

  2. hi susan,i have enjoyed several of your free e books recently,they have helped me a lot in understanding the female pysyche. the one free ebook you posted about small favor helps a great deal in relationship andi have been somewhat sucessful in working with my father who is 92.sometimes he does not want to eat or drink during the day when he needs to so i ask hime to drink from a small juice glass and or give him small bites of a corn muffin,he likes that idea more than a regular meal so i try giving him more bits than whole during the day when i visit him,my ,mothergreatly appreciates this a lot.i value your emails a lot,they are very informative as i have downloaded several to my phone so i can read them during my day. thank you,jeff reed

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