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How To Pick Up Hot Women

How To Pick Up Hot Women

I can’t show you a picture of my friend, Brad P. because he won’t allow himself to be photographed.

You see he’s a bona fide Pick Up Artist. He has to maintain his privacy to teach shy guys how to pick up hot women.

He has a house in Hollywood and he rents it out to guys who want to go out to bars and sarge with him. And now he’s captured all his best pick up methods in his new Black Book Method. We’ll show you later.

This is a BRAND NEW collection of Brad’s lifetime of approach and seduction material.

The biggest reason guys end up with shitty girlfriends who don’t really make them happy. . .
Or guys try too hard with a girl who says she “just doesn’t feel the chemistry”. . .
Is because you don’t have enough good choices.

If you use this set of very natural approach and conversation techniques you will be able to talk to a LOT of women. But unless you know how to get around the unconscious, automatic defense a woman has whenever a guy approaches her. . .

You’ll probably get completely ignored, or worse, called every name under the sun.

Brad assembled his very best pick up techniques that work even for very shy, nerdy guys who come to him in desperation. Whether you want to get laid tonight, get a good girlfriend or just find a woman to talk to, you have to talk to her first.

Brad P is one of the most legendary pick up artists working in the world today. And now you can gain access to his techniques without spending thousands of dollars moving to LA and sarging with him one on one.

Now you can own everything it takes to have the latest ways to engage attractive women:

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Increase your odds of dating multiple women and picking the best for yourself.

If you’re scared of approaching women, GOOD. . . because unless you know these secret pass codes, you’re in dangerous territory. I highly recommend you take a look at the free video presentation Brad just unveiled.

This video is NOT safe for work. And if you are close to anyone who’s easily offended, you probably don’t want to play it, because it can be a little intense.

Download this FREE eBook to learn more tricks how to attract women.

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