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Things You Want To Know About Erotic Hypnosis

Things You Want To Know About Erotic Hypnosis

Before I could recommend Erotic Hypnosis to you, I had to grill Major Mark on my concerns. Here are his fascinating answers:

How is Instant Orgasm on Command possible?

I’ve got a short audio for you that lets you in on the secret:

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Can it be used in “pick up” in some sort of way? Like can we use it to give a woman we almost have just met to give her a lot of pleasure? And help in the process to really increase our chances of us dating her and she being our girlfriend

Yes! And it will instantly make you stand out from other guys. Erotic Hypnosis helps you become a fascination object to women. And when you can make women feel pleasure this way, it boosts your confidence too.

Can a average Joe like me do Hypnosis?

Yes! No experience is required. You do the drills you get the skills. Even if English isn’t your first language you can do this. There are men from Finland, Brazil, and Mexico doing Erotic Hypnosis to their women.

My woman just does not feel comfortable with the hypnosis thing. How can I get her interested in trying?

First a warning… do NOT show your woman the videos of Hypnotic Orgasms before you try to hypnotize her. This can create problems if she doesn’t believe it’s possible because she doesn’t want to be a woman who can’t do it.

Second… don’t jump right into hypnosis. Instead you can say, “would you like to feel good?” or “I learned a new way to relieve stress and feel good quickly, would you like to try it?” When presented the right way women love trance. If you watch the Erotic Hypnosis program you will learn many ways to get them excited about hypnosis.

Does it work on everyone, or are some people can’t be hypnotized?

A little known secret about humans is we are all trance engines. We naturally go in and out of trance states every day. So everyone can be hypnotized. The only requirements is they have a pulse and an IQ above 70. People with low IQ can’t follow instructions well so they are difficult to hypnotize.

I don’t know how to bring up this subject with my wife. How can I do that?

Start with telling her you’ve been learning new ways to make your sex life and relationship even better. I doubt she will object. How many guys make that kind of effort? She will want to know what it is. Don’t explain it to her… show her how good you can make her feel.

Can you make a person do something against their will?

No. Hypnosis is not mind control, that’s Hollywood movie crap. If you could use hypnosis to control people against their will it would be a top military secret.

Can the woman be lead to be more experimental?

Absolutely. Because inside of trance fantasies become very real so she can safely experience new behaviors and discovers that she enjoys them. I cover in great detail how to do this in the Erotic Hypnosis program, and reveal how I have done this with my girlfriends.

Does this manipulate women?

Between 20 percent and 40 percent of the attendees at my events are women. Women love my program too, because the focus is on giving them more pleasure and is done with the utmost respect for women.

Erotic Hypnosis skyrockets any couple’s sex life and relationship.

Want to learn how to give her orgasms? Download our FREE eBook!


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