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How To Avoid The Friend Zone With A Guy

How To Avoid The Friend Zone With A Guy

This makes that guy friend fall in love with you . . .


Hey, it’s Tallulah.

“Why is it that he likes being around me, but doesn’t want a relationship with me?”

“Why is he not interested in me?”

“Am I somehow not enough for him?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you need to watch this revealing video that shares how to capture his heart, even if he’s said he “just wants to be friends”.

With it you can turn the tables on him and make him desperate for a relationship with you. The best part: He will think it’s his idea to kindle a loving, passionate romance with you.

“You are like a sister to me.”

Have you ever heard those words from the love of your life? The man that you think would be perfect for you, if only he could see it

Make sure you never fall victim to this devastating mistake or you may lose the love of your life forever.

A client I recently helped told me that she would rather be told that he didn’t love her at all. She felt like she had done everything she could to make her “best friend” interested in dating her, but nothing worked.

“He’s my best friend, but I want more. I love him… I know he loves me too, if only he was see me as more than just his friend.”

I smiled when she finished telling me her story. Why would I do that? Why would I smile when she just poured her heart and soul out to me, telling me the love of her life was ignoring her and keeping her in the friend-zone?

The answer is simple. She was making the one mistake (that most women make) that forces the man you want to ignore you.

And once she corrected it, it was like a powerful spark of desire ignited in his heart, and suddenly… HE was begging HER to be his girlfriend.

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Friends with Benefits.

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