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What To Do When Your Man Looks At Other Women

What To Do When Your Man Looks At Other Women

Men just can’t stop themselves from looking at other women.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or already married, this male “flaw” is something women dread.

And why do they act this way?

Well, let me ease your mind a little bit. It’s not as bad as you think.

Men are “hardwired” to look at beautiful women. It’s in their psychology to appreciate something beautiful, especially beautiful women.

Whether it’s because she’s wearing sexy “barely there” clothes, doing something that’s grabbing his attention, or simply just because she’s physically attractive.

A man can’t help but sneak in a peek.

And no matter how much men try, they can’t flush it completely out of their system.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re already thinking about cheating on you. They’re not even thinking about that other woman naked (most of the time.)

Trust me, after personally working with dozens of couples on their relationships, and receiving input from a TON of male readers…

Most of the time this is what’s going on in their heads:

If he glanced at another woman wearing skimpy, sexy clothing, he’s usually thinking, “My girlfriend/wife would look great in that” or “My girl/woman could pull that look off if she wanted to.”

Other times, it’s simply “That’s a beautiful piece of work.”

So if you catch your guy, or any guy doing this… let’s not jump to conclusions too fast.

He usually has good intentions.

However, there are exceptions when a guy looks at women he passes by and he’s thinking dirty thoughts. Some men are just horny dogs.

Now if you want to ensure that your man (or if you’re single, a guy you like) is looking at you, thinking of you and ONLY you all day long, then you might want to hear about the “Devotion Sequence.”

I want the best for you, sweetie. Arm yourself with what you need to determine if he’s a keeper.

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