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Color Your Way To True Love

Color Your Way To True Love

These patterns that you’ll be coloring are called Love Mandalas.

Men and women all over the world spend a lot of time and energy on soulmate searching.

Today I’m going to share with you a way you can meet your life partner simply by coloring in a few simple patterns.

And I’m also going to share with you the actual science behind why it works.


Here’s how it works.

My friend Arielle Ford’s new book shows you how you can manifest whatever you desire, and in this case, you’re manifesting your one true love by simply coloring in beautiful patterns.

Because the biggest barriers to “Manifestation” are mental blocks that get in the way of your mind, energies and being one with the Universe.

Basically, these blocks are hindering you from allowing the Universe to give you what you want.

These mental blocks range from doubt and negative thoughts to limiting beliefs and a lot more.

And this is where these beautiful patterns come in.

These patterns are called Love Mandalas.

They’re ancient, spiritual symbols with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism.

These symbols supposedly help you become one with the Universe, which in turn helps you immensely in manifesting the love of your life.


These beautiful patterns offer more than what meets the eye.

When you’re coloring them, and while you’ve set your mind to focus on the “intention” of finding your one true love, these patterns help relax your mind.

It’s been proven to help remove stress and pave the way to mindfulness and a sense of calm.

This allows the busy mind to take a backseat while allowing the creative mind to run free. You then come away with more clarity on the “intention” you set before focusing on the mandala.

When your mind is calm and focused on a specific idea, in this case, meeting your soulmate… it opens up your brain to the idea and mindset that it is indeed possible and very likely to happen.

So there’s actually a scientific rationale as to why these Love Mandalas work.

Arielle Ford is a world-renowned leader in the personal development and contemporary spirituality movement. She’s helped thousands of men and women all over the world meet and marry the love of their lives. I really love how she’s helping folks find true and lasting love and making the process easier and easier. This coloring book sets the bar high.

Love By Design <=== Manifest Your Soulmate Through Coloring


  1. So, if one is already married, one changes the thinking -while drawing on the picture – to something like, “How do I figure out how we become deep soul-mates?” ??

  2. The patterns in the colouring book reflect the Divine Mathematics that triggers the Divine Alchemy to come into play.They are reminiscent of the patterns seen from time to time in farmers’fields and attributed to Extra Terrestrials.They are Masters of the Metaphysics that we are still struggling to comprehend on Terran Earth.I do believe that they can help in the way you say that they do but let us pause to consider that while each one of us has many Soul Mates, we each have but only one Soul Union.There is no construction to being Soul Mates; we are, or we are not.

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