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Fibrin: Found To Be One Cause of ED

Fibrin: Found To Be One Cause of ED

And according to my friend, Jesse Cannone, independent health researcher and certified fitness trainer, he has found another possible root cause of man’s worst sexual nightmare.


Now, I always tell guys to add a little cardiovascular activity to their daily routine to help improve their circulation.

And of course, to watch what they eat.

E.D. is caused by a number of things. It could be mental, like you’re distracted or having performance anxiety.

It could also be emotional, like when you’re not in the mood or you’re stressed out.

And it could be physiological. Which means, it’s basically a lack of blood flow to your tool.

Now, Jesse Cannone says he’s found a European study that says fibrin is linked to men with E.D.

Fibrin is a type of “sticky” protein that is involved with the healing of wounds and the formation of scars. It’s a natural part of your immune system.

But too much of it, as a result of environmental toxins, an unhealthy lifestyle, and the processed food we eat, can cause inflammation.

And we all know inflammation greatly hinders circulation.

I checked this issue out with my doctor, Dr. Glenn Wilcox and he assured me that yes, in fact this is an issue with many men.

And what I’ve realized is that if you have ED, you have to try a few things before you figure out what your issue is.

For some guys it’s sluggish blood. For others, nitric oxide production has diminished. For others it’s this fibrin issue.

I don’t what which of these solutions will work best for you. All I know is that these are the best out there.

Take a look at Jesse’s research and see if your lifestyle could be causing you to overproduce fibrin — and in turn, ruining your erection strength and stamina.

There’s never really ONE umbrella solution for E.D. That’s because the root cause varies from one guy to another. It could be your mindset during sex. It could be stress and emotion related. It could be your health.

That’s why it’s always worth a shot to learn new things.

You know it’s worth it to get “Superman” type of hard-ons again.

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