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The 3L Method To Making Him Love You Forever

The 3L Method To Making Him Love You Forever

The way to most men’s  heart is through his meat.  (At least the good ones. Heh.)

I’m not talking about food. I’m talking about his member.

Whether you like to admit it or not, that’s just how it is.

Women decide based on emotions. However, for men, they decide whether they like a girl, or if he would want to spend his life with a woman based on how pretty you are to him, how good he feels when he’s with you and whether he thinks you’ll be a good companion for him.

If you cook? BONUS POINTS. If you cook in lingerie? FIVE GOLD STARS! ★★★★★

Check out Evie Jasper ‘s 3L Method to attracting men and turning his lust into pure, unashamed love and affection.


What’s the 3L method all about?

It stands for Lure, Lust, And Love.

You “Lure” a man into having feelings for you by speaking to his penis in a language it understands.

Then you trigger his “Lust” by making him chase you.

Then lastly, your turn that lust into “Love” so he will devote his heart, body, and soul to you and only you.

She used this same method on a man he was dating. The guy told her he was also dating 5 other women at once.

But after she used the 3L Method on him, he eventually crumbled and told her…

“You did something to me and I can’t stop thinking about you!”

What’s so wonderful about the 3L Method is that it’s not about acting “dirty” and changing who you are just to get him to notice you. You will still be your usual, beautiful self. But you’ll be pulling strings and pushing buttons that will make him desire you and fantasize about you. Without dropping your clothes!

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