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A Weird Side Effect Of Pheromones They Dont Talk About

A Weird Side Effect Of Pheromones They Dont Talk About

I’ve been doing some research on it the last few days, and I’ve even contacted the guy who developed it.

What I’ve found is that pheromones have a “weird” side effect that many people don’t really talk about.



According to Dr. Ilya Ruvinsky of Northwestern University here in the US, “Males do not actually need to be present for the pheromones to work. The lingering smell left by tiny amounts is enough to trigger attraction.

She also said, “The male signals trigger the female to ‘go for it’ and put more effort into reproduction.”

By now you might be having some wild ideas on how to use these potent chemicals.

You can use Secret Seduction Spray to get your wife or girlfriend “in the mood.”

Or you can use it to attract new women.

Just like this guy, who wrote in recently about his experience with Secret Seduction Spray.


“I received your email about the pheromone spray a few days ago. I’m stunned by the results.

I went to the club with some friends. I sprayed some Secret Seduction on me, and my friends used cheap stuff like Axe, while one was more of a Hugo Boss kind of guy.  

The confident alpha guy in our group attracted all the ladies because he had the looks and the personality.

But surprisingly, once the ladies came up to us, many of them were interested in talking to me and sitting beside me. Not the other guy. But me! And I’m the silent one of the group.

I cannot truly say it was because of the pheromones though. I still have to keep testing. Thanks for telling me about this!”


I spoke with the creator of this spray, Troy Valance. I convinced him to give my readers a 50% discount for a few days. Get your bottle today before the discount link expires.


Rave comments and emails about Secret Seduction Spray:

“Product arrived quickly and the customer service has been superb. Convenient little slim bottle that fits in my back pocket. Would highly recommend to any guy that likes a nice scent and compliments.”

“Amazing smell. My girlfriend can’t stop latching on to me. I don’t mind but she’s a big girl!”

“Been using the spray for nearly 2 weeks now in nightclub settings and have been getting lots of positive comments. Thanks Troy.”


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