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Why A Man Doesn’t Call Or Text Back

Why A Man Doesn’t Call Or Text Back

“Why didn’t he call or text me last night?”

“Why didn’t he tell me he was going out with his friends?”

“Why isn’t he kissing me in the mornings?”

“Why has he skipped breakfast and gone to work early today?”

I’ve received many emails from women that start off like this.

First, let me ease your mind and heart.


These things are normal.

He could just be busy. He could just be swamped with things to do. He could just miss hanging out with his buddies. He could just need some time to breathe after that last argument about the kids.

Men aren’t as emotionless as we think they are.

They also have their own personal needs.

Maybe he misses the “good old days” when he could just scoot out of his parents’ house to drink with his friends.

Men have a deeper longing to be free, wild, untameable, and little rebellious rule breakers.

That’s just how they are wired.

And that doesn’t mean he’s thinking of, or already has cheated on you.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the necessary steps to ensure that wherever he goes…

Whether he hangs out with his gang, or goes on business trips abroad, or join their little underground fight clubs…

That he ALWAYS come home to you.

To your warm bed. Wrapping himself around you so close you can hear his breath. Kissing your forehead as he dozes off. Holding your hands while you sleep. And dreaming dreams about you and your happily ever after.

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