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SYHO Video 1: Introduction

This is the introduction video to the “Squirt Your Heart Out” on-line course.

What is female ejaculation? Why do women want to ejaculate?

Please login or register for Squirt Your Heart Out or Female Liquid Orgasm to view this content.


  1. I was trying to view this, but it won’t accept my login information. Do I need another one? Or is this a problem with the website?

    • Hi the_sk8bdr,

      This video goes with two of our advanced courses called “Squirt Your Heart Out” and “Female Liquid Orgasm”. I just checked your login and you have access to a different course, “Revive Her Drive”. You can get access to “Female Liquid Orgasm” here:

  2. I am trying to download this file. Response is “unable to download”
    I also noticed that you state that it is an mp3 file, but the download is attempting an mp4.

    Please Help … any suggestions??

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