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SYHO Video 3: Awakening the G Spot

Did you know you can awaken sensation in your G spot even if
it’s numb? Tallulah shows you exactly how to juicy up your G!

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  1. The first time I ever fingered a girl, I was drawn to rub on this and she told me it doesn’t do anything, to stop that. She probably felt like she had to pee, so misdirected me. A hard ball on a stemlike thing a few inches or less in.

    • It sounds like you were rubbing the urethral sponge. That’s typically about an inch in from the intriotus (entrance to the vaginal canal). Rubbing that can be pleasurable for women, but the g-spot typically will give her a LOT more pleasure. The g-spot is just past the urethral sponge. When you feel that spongy ball on the front wall of her vagina, go just a little past it.

      One thing to note. It is actually quite common that women won’t feel anything when you rub their g-spot for the first time (or even many times after that). That’s because many women have never had the pleasure of being with a guy who really knows how to get them properly turned-on. You’ve got to be patient and learn how to awaken the g-spot. Once it’s awake and open to feel the sensation, then she can really start to enjoy it.

  2. I have been trying this method with my wife for three sessions now and little by little she has been feeling more will to come. However, she feels frustrated for not being able to make it and says “she’s broken”. She recommended trying a g-spot toy (we’ve been using a clit stimulator) but I confess I felt like I was being replaced by it. What should I do?

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