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Week 11

Orgasmic Mastery — A Course for Men

Week 11: Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms

Preparing for your first Non-Ejaculatory Full Body Energetic Orgasm
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Here we go! If you haven’t spontaneously had the experience already, this is the week to put specific focus on experiencing your first Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm.

By now you’ve been doing your PC pull-ups for over two months. You should be noticing some serious differences in both your awareness of these muscles and in their overall strength.

Now, let’s really put them to use!

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Bringing in Your PC muscles

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There are two major aspects of utilizing your PC muscles that are key here.

One major aspect is simply awareness. You’ve made a daily habit of putting your awareness and attention onto this part of your body. That awareness actually leads to increased neural activity leading from your brain, down your spinal cord (central nervous system), and to your pelvic floor muscles and genitals. The squeezes of the musculature have also been increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen down to your pelvis and genitals. Combined with slow, deep breathing, this improves the overall health and vitality of your sex organs and opens your body’s energetic channels.

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Week 11 Homework:

This Week’s Erotic Self-Explorations

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Use slow, deep breathing. Practice your presence. Play music, unleash erotic fragrances in the air. Where’s your head at while you do this practice? Refocus as needed.
Play with your sound throughout. What are you feeling, right now? Give it a sound.
Remember the arousal staircase. Pay attention to where you are on it. What number would you give it?

Let your whole body move. Writhe around. Move your hips. Thrust your hips back and forth while self-pleasuring. Move your hips from side to side. Move your hips in circles, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Let your entire vertebral column undulate.

Let go. Surrender to the experience. Lose yourself in the feeling of that breath and the tone and internal vibrations of your sounds. Allow everything else to fall away until there is nothing left but the pleasure flowing through your body.

Bring yourself up to your 8. Stop your movement, and let it out with some sound. Bring yourself back up to your 9. Stop your movement, and let it out with some sound.

Use your breath, use your sound, and use your hands to draw that energy up through the rest of your body.

Keep bringing the energy up. Only when your whole body is buzzing, vibrating with pleasure, and you’re coming up to your 9.9 and you’re just on the brink, squeeze down on your PC muscle as hard as you can while simultaneously taking a deep, deep inhalation, drawing that intense erotic energy that’s built up in your pelvis, up your spine, up your central channel. And then, with your exhale, let it out with a big sound. BIG!

Moan it out. Scream it out. Roar it out. Sing it out. Whatever, just let it out!

Know that holding back your sound will equal holding back the intensity of this experience. Surrender. Let go. Go with it. Fully.

It is this combination, filling your entire body with your erotic energy, having a strong PC muscle that you can clamp down on while going into orgasm and simultaneously using your breath and sound to move that erotic energy up through your body that will allow you to have your first Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm.

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Some more Sound Demo Encouragement

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You may want to turn down the volume a bit for this one.

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So. How’d it go?

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Were you able to hold in your ejaculate while having an intense erotic energetic peak experience? If so, fucking awesome! Congratulations. You just had your first Non-Ejaculatory Energetic Orgasm!

If not, no worries. Practice, practice, practice. Luckily this isn’t exactly calculus. Hopefully you find enjoyment in these homeworks! Keep working those Kegel exercises. Get them stronger.

Do you have an idea as to which piece(s) need more of your focused attention? Great. Give it. Remember, change happens over time. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But just hold on to your intention to get this down, and keep your attention towards doing the practices, and you will experience your breakthrough. All in good time.

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