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Week 12

Orgasmic Mastery — A Course for Men

Week 12: Male Multiple Orgasms (and Wrap-up)

First, a review

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We’ve covered quite a bit over these past 11 weeks.

In Week 1, we focused on Finding Your Normal, and introducing the PC muscles.

In Week 2, we began establishing a practice of Erotic Self-Exploration, and also introduced the Arousal Staircase.

In Week 3, we brought our attention to conscious breathing, and how to utilize your breath to raise or lower your level of arousal.

In Week 4, we took a full week to bring focus on cultivating presence.

In Week 5, we focused on using your sound and voice to enhance your sexual experience.

In Week 6, we focused on tying what we’d done so far together and really focused on the experience of Full Body Orgasms.

In Week 7, we introduced energy, what it is, and how to have tangible experiences with energy.

In Week 8, we focused on movement, opening up the hips, and allowing one’s erotic energy to more easily flow through the body.

In Week 9, we learned to release control, receive and surrender.

In Week 10, we brought more attention to sound and how to use it to move energy through the body, and how to use your and your partner’s hands to move that energy from your pelvis into your whole body.

In Week 11, last week, the specific focus was on experiencing your first Non-Ejaculatory Energetic Full Body Orgasms.

Which brings us here, to Week 12:

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Male Multiple Orgasms

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Once you start experiencing true Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms, shifting into multiple orgasms shouldn’t be particularly difficult. Unlike with most ejaculatory orgasms, one of the best things about Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms is that you don’t need to lose your erection after having a NEO. It is the physical expulsion of ejaculation that leads to your loss of erection. If you’re having powerful energetic orgasms without ejaculation, guess what? No loss of erection. No loss of libido. Just keep going.
It may take some practice simply to realize that you don’t need to stop sexual activity, that perhaps you need a slight pause. Or perhaps you need to switch to a different kind of stimulation (or perhaps not), but you can in fact, continue exploring pleasure without losing your erection or libido, and this can lead into perhaps another orgasm. And perhaps another.

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Different Experiences of Male Multiple Orgasms

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Different men have different experiences with this. In fact the same man can have different experiences each time he has multiple orgasms. He may experience it as one energetic orgasm leading right into another energetic orgasm, which leads into another, and so on. Or he may have one NEO, drop back down into his 5 or 6, and have more long extended sex before having a powerful ejaculatory orgasm. Or he may go from one NEO into an even more powerful NEO, into an even more powerful NEO, and feel like both he and his partner are completely satiated, and not at all be interested in having an ejaculatory orgasm during this sexual session.

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Increasing Choice

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By going through this program, you just may find that your entire relationship with ejaculating changes. While ejaculation may at one time have felt inevitable (if you got turned on, you had to cum!), now you may find you can take it or leave it. It may just not matter a whole lot to you, as you start having Non-Ejaculatory Full-Body Energetic Orgasms that are far more powerful, intense, and pleasurable than any ejaculation that you’d had prior.

Or you may just find this to be another color on your palette of pleasurable possibilities.
Remember, this isn’t about never ejaculating again. You can ejaculate whenever you want to. That’s the point. Whenever you want to. Increased choice equals increased freedom. Enjoy the palette of possibilities.

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Keep At It and Closing

If you’ve made it this far, and you’ve been doing all of your practices and participating in the community, yet you haven’t had your first Non-Ejaculatory Full-Body Energetic Orgasmic experiences, no worries. There’s no rush. Simply keep at the practices. Have patience with yourself. Just keep at it. Stick with the practices. Notice the areas that we’ve covered that you think could still use some attention, and give it. If you hold onto your intention to have these experiences, and you keep playing with it, it will happen. It might happen quickly, it might take more time. But it will happen.

You may want to remain in this community. Continue to post on the boards, continue to be on the calls. Continue to go over the materials. Continue to get the support that you need. But trust me, if you stick with it, you will see results. You will have your breakthrough. Just keep at it. And really, enjoy the process.

If you have had the experience, congratulations! You are now part of a small minority of multi-orgasmic men in the world. (Although if I have my way those numbers will continue to increase!) Enjoy it! Drop me a line after you cross this threshold and let me know! I love to hear about my students’ successes! Stay involved in the community if it benefits you to do so. Otherwise, continue on your way. Either way, I am honored that I’ve been able to be a part of your path.

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