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Top 5 Ways Women Experience Female Ejaculation

The belief that I COULD ejaculate actually helped me to do so the first time. And it’s gotten better and better and better. WOW.

I remember, before I learned to squirt,  watching Tallulah’s videos of “real women,” not porn stars, ejaculating with their partners, solo and with toys.

I was RIVETED to the those videos and watched them over and over.

I suddenly “got it.” It’s just not enough to read about it or have someone explain how ejaculation works. Sure, my girlfriends and I all talked about it. But, once a woman SEES other, real, everyday women ejaculating, she understands at a body-level that it’s possible for her. Thank goodness for Tallulah’s videos!

Ejaculation, like anything, is a mental game, as much as a physical one.

Simply focusing on technique is not enough… “If I wiggle my fingers just right, I’ll squirt.”

So, my friend, YOU don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. We’re here to help. But I want you to remember, it’s a mind/body proposition.

Tallulah interviewed women all over the world about how they learned to ejaculate for the first time and here is the list of top 5 reasons that kept coming up again and again.


Women were able to ejaculate for the first time because:

1 – They discovered G-Spot stimulation and orgasm with and/or without their partner.

2 – They had the belief that female ejaculation was possible for them

3 – They saw and learned what female ejaculation looked like and where it came from in a video, book, a live demonstration, in a workshop, etc.

4 – They learned to let go more deeply instead of being afraid they would pee accidentally (I have some GREAT tips for this!)

5 – They were in an extended lovemaking session with themselves or with a partner and were very turned on and more open

While there are many advanced techniques for achieving female ejaculation, you might be surprised to see that within those top 5 reasons, many of them were not about technique.

They were about belief, empowerment, surrender, letting go, and learning.

Put all of those together with technique and you have a perfect recipe for a vamped up sex-life that makes you both feel hotter and more accomplished than ever before.

Tallulah has taught me 5 totally unique G-Spot Stimulation options as part of her program – Female Liquid Orgasm. There are a myriad maneuvers you can do to bring your lover increased stimulation and pleasure, if you just know what to do.

And if you’re worried about how to approach your woman, or even if you will tell her what you’re up to, I have another blog post coming up all about approach techniques.

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