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What NOT To Do: Marco’s Big Offer Backfired

What NOT To Do: Marco’s Big Offer Backfired

“Oh, Slap!”

At the college fraternity party, Marco got a chance to have a slow dance with Cindy.

He was infatuated with her and excited to get close to her. Halfway through the dance, he whispered in her ear, “How’d you like to get your pussy ate?”

Cindy’s eyes flew wide open, her jaw dropped, she leaned back and slapped Marco hard, right in face and walked away in disgust, never to look at him again.

Dramatic? Sure. But it’s a great illustration of how important it is to “right size” your offers.

Men, you have big appetites for sex. So do we, as women, but that kind of big, direct offer is the wrong approach. Especially for a woman who is tentative about her turn on or not as “into sex” as you’d like her to be.

Small offers. The first of the four keys to seduction, are imperative. To get a string of “Yeses,” you must learn how to make a lot of small offers in a menu format.

Dr. Patti taught me this in her Seduce Her Tonight eBook.

There’s an art to running menus that get enthusiastic yeses. It’s powerful and effective when you know just how to do it.

You can unlock even a shut-down woman with this technique. So imagine how well it will work after a month or so of getting good at it!?!

Read more how to seduce a woman, download our free eBook now!


  1. Marco is stupid and should have been slapped and never got a date.

    Even before learning about small simple offers, I sold for years, mdse and concepts and I never asked a question unless I knew I would get a YES.
    And more, I never carried an order form with me to talk with my prospects.
    I always kissed and loved up the woman I wanted.
    She always took me to her bed. I never asked.

  2. Wow. Hope he learned his lesson.
    Then again, College student, fraternity, alcohol,
    what a combination for a big appetite for sex and
    the disaster that followed.

  3. Musta been the poor sentence structure and improper verb usage 🙂

    • ha ha. Too true. Will you join me in advocating that ‘their,’ ‘them,’ be singular forms of he her, so we don’t have to write he/she always, and similar? hoho

  4. Clearly, he was a novice at the game. She too was quite immature about how she handled his offer. Since when do you physically assault someone for offering to please you in some manner, even if it is perceived to be inappropriate? I have had a number of gay men verbally “try me”. I was not at all offended in their verbal advances, but did let them know that I like women, and that there was nothing they could do for me sexually. I have kidded in the past that if I were a woman, I might be gay.

  5. Be that as it may. There is absolutely no excuse to physically assaualt someone. I’m guessing because he is a Man that makes it ok. I really love all the info and tips on PLM. I really am hoping these type of “stories” will not become common on this site. I would really hate to unsubscribe if this becomes a teaching method. Its 2014 this is a despicable way to handle the situation. Physical assault is unacceptable!

  6. I wonder how embarrassed she will be when he presses charges…Bet she will do more then talk to him then.

  7. I used to say I would like to kiss you all over which more general

    We are all the same slap her back

  8. if i were him i will make my offer in other way by making her feel how big strong coke i have during slow dance and she will ask to be fucked hard.

  9. After reading the comments from the other writers , I think three of those guys had it right . The other six guys were all about condemning the girl for her reaction and obvious discuss at this Marco asshole . There’s a time and a place for such communication . This Marco guy was obviously full of himself . I don’t blame the girl one bit .

  10. I agree with Rob. Marco has a lot to learn about women and the art of seducing a woman. He deserved a good slap. Good for her for teaching him a lesson. Hope he got it.

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