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How To Arouse Her In Seconds

QUESTION How can I arouse her within seconds?



Even if a woman is very sexual, she needs to
be aroused slowly so her body has time to get turned on.

The more you learn how to arouse her and get her feeling
her body sensations every day, the faster and more often
she’ll want you for sex.

When you know the right steps she will be
that much MORE PLEASURE to make love to.

***Here’s the way it works.***

Men are like light switches.

Women are like wood fires.

You are turned on immediately.

We are aroused slowly.

Put the wood on the fire, tend it, stoke it, blow
on the embers until she gets hot and then keep
putting on the wood and she will keep you warm forever.

Revive Her Drive will show you how to slowly make
your woman a roaring hot, cozy, delicious fire.

Nicholas A. wrote to me:

“Why is a young wife like a woodstove? if you don’t keep putting the wood in, they go out.”

So how you gonna keep puttin’ the wood in?

With these:

==> The most likely time of day she’s going to
give up control to you and surrender sexually.

==> The 2 critical traits of a Masterful Lover.

==> Erogenous Zone Theory that gets her
begging you to, “Put it in!”

==> Safe dirty talk.

==> How to use Buffering and Disconnecting forms
of body language to warm her at a deep state.

==> How to make her hyper-suggestible when you
use the “Voice of Authority.”

***It gives me chills just writing this!***

==> A fast way to override her negative
self-talk during sex.

==> Specific love words and innuendos.

==>  Vocal sounds that magnify her natural
responses to you and propel her into erotic
states. Grrr!

==> Exposure to the **4 Keys to Seduction**
model that works on EVERY WOMAN.

These concepts WORK.

Massively increase your erotic potential.

No matter HOW LONG it’s been.

Guys tell me the program is not only incredibly valuable
information with an easy-to-follow and customizable plan it

I would love for you to be inspired to have a life of
incredible pleasure and passion with your lady.

Let Her Lick You With Warm Flames!

Here’s the million dollar message: your lady
has as much erectile tissue inside her that
gets engorged and sensitive as your penis does
– the clitoris is just the tip of the volcano!

Ready to take her PAST her pleasure limits
into ecstatic states she didn’t know she was
capable of that create intimacy so intense
she cries tears of joy afterward?

Joke from a customer:

Why is a young wife like a wood stove?

If you don’t keep putting the wood in, they go out.

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