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How To Tell If She Is DTF

How To Tell If She Is DTF

Listen, in any room full of women there are some who are definitely in the mood to have a hot, sweaty roll in the sack with you.

But you have to know how to decode a girl’s sexual hook up signals so you talk to the right girl.

Know if she’s looking for a hook up.

Have you heard of  Tucker Max?

He’s the author of, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.”

Years back when I first discovered who Tucker Max was…

I read a brilliant quote from him.

He said he “didn’t get it” when it came to all those pickup artist gurus out there.

If a girl doesn’t want to, you can’t MAKE her leave the bar with you

The guy who gets laid every night finds the RIGHT girl.

The girl who is secretly looking for hookup.

So how do you find that girl?


Just look for these signals…

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  1. i love may laife

  2. Where can I find your texto on “How to To Tell If She Is DTF”

    I already logged in but found no links anywhere, either paying or free!

    How come?

    E Oliveira

    • Thank you very much, I got it now.

      Anyway, is it necessary to be that long?
      By the end of the vídeo, I will be sleeping.
      Come on, you should be able to make it better.

      E Oliveira

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