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Ways To Avoid Feminization, Moobs, Belly Fat And Softness

Ways To Avoid Feminization, Moobs, Belly Fat And Softness

“His old man boobs look like two weasels in tube socks.”


Did you ever notice older women who start sprouting mustache hairs?

Ew! Gross.

How about older guys whose pecs turn into “moobs” (man boobs) and they never see their dick again because their giant belly hides it?

I don’t want that to happen to you, Loverboy!

Have you noticed any of these 3 things as you’ve gotten older?

  • Fat stomach, even if the rest of you is lean
  • Man boobs aka “moobs”
  • Not being able to get hard

They’re characteristics of “feminization,” a process where you slowly start turning into a woman.

When your testosterone dips, the ratio of estrogen in your body increases. You have to fight this tooth and nail, man.

You know who else hates your man boobs, fat belly and decrease in erectile function?

Your lady hates this.

Your wife or girlfriend might be kind enough to overlook your beach ball belly or those “weasels in tube socks” that used to be your pecs…

Not being able to get hard, on the other hand, destroys intimacy, and eventually, relationships.

Luckily, getting older doesn’t mean you have to get soft. And it also doesn’t mean you have to pop expensive pills just to keep your flag at full mast.

Nope, what you need to do is first see what’s making you soft, as shown in this short video:

Then you need to pay close attention to the part that shows you how to get HARDER than EVER.

Follow the simple instructions below so you can not only satisfy your ego. But so you can also satisfy her in bed:

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  1. Yes, it’s been some years since I’ve been with a woman. & the last many weeks even the masterbaition has slowly stopped erecting
    WOW Now I have a girlfriend and last night it wouldn’t erect and that was amazing I’ve never had such a thing happen so needless to say I needed to be at attention erect and it did not it was nothing did not work so what do you know?!!

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