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Why Meditating Is Like HOT SEX

Why Meditating Is Like HOT SEX

Everybody knows that hot sex leaves you completely refreshed with a spring in your step.

When you enter that trance state of orgasm, where the world falls away and only the feelings you’re co-creating with your lover fill your senses…

It’s like a shot of green juice… an effortless run through the forest… and the best massage with a happy ending you’ve ever had, all rolled into one.

What you might not know is that this “Theta brain state” of orgasmic pleasure is the same state as meditation.

And that’s why I’m so pleased to introduce you to my friends, Amish and Puja Shah and their exciting new experience: Project: Yourself.

When you join their 9-day guided meditation experience, with my compliments, you will get a treasure trove of free audios that gently usher you into this theta state.

Even if you’ve never meditated before, all you have to do is listen.


Every magazine you pick up espouses the benefits of meditation.

These guided visualizations are the easiest way to start.

Simply sign up at Amish and Puja’s website and you’ll get 9 days of audios for free.

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Plus you’ll be doing the 9 day meditation challenge with a bunch of us from the PLM community.

Once you know how to drop into this trance state, your lovemaking will also become a more enriched experience.

You’ll be able to connect with God, with all living things, through your meditation… and with your partner if you have one.

This is as good for you as orgasms, baby. Go ahead and click now and join up.

It’s free. Amish and Puja are an absolutely darling, trustworthy, wonderful couple.

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<=== Try It You’ll LOVE It

To Your Happy Hour (in minutes a day),


P.S. Brett Martin from Australia used meditation to spark a breakthrough in his business…

Craig Conover from California used meditation to compose his first EVER song
(with zero musical knowledge)…

Carol Larsen from California has made two giant strides towards her dream of founding a non profit…

And kamRock believes he escaped a traffic accident (what?!?) with a little help from an ancient technology in Project:Yourself…

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