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G-Spot Orgasm Information

G-Spot Orgasm Information


Even Gabrielle Moore just can’t help herself during the red-hot summer. She’s dropping the price for her bestselling Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts program to just $7. Grab it and get your woman soaking wet while you still can… 

G-Spot orgasms are one of my favorite things.

And the great news is that every woman is physically capable of enjoying the bliss of squirting orgasms.

But there’s an important distinction I want to make.

The G-Spot is not a spot… it’s an area.

Not only that, but there are many glands that contribute to lubrication and female ejaculation. If a woman isn’t lubricating well, she’s going to struggle to ejaculate. 

There are Bartholin’s glands on the bottom part of her vaginal canal. And there are Skene’s glands and tissue similar to male prostate tissue in the top of her vaginal canal. 

Saltwater secretions occur when the clitoral structure is engorged. 

Vaginal secretions from the cervix also contribute to vaginal lubrication. 

The most important aspect of vaginal lubrication is the ratio of estrogen to progesterone. Women who’ve recently given birth and women in menopausal phases are most likely to be hormonally imbalanced… but the birth control pill also whacks out a woman’s hormone balance.

The best you can do, as her lover, is to use a lot of organic coconut and avocado oil for lubrication to get her all wet and juicy as you warm up all her erectile tissue and then coax her ejaculate to come out. 

And in this video by my girlfriend Gabrielle Moore, she explains how easy it is to find the area and how to stimulate it so that your woman will have incredible gushing orgasms!

You may want to put down a waterproof sheet on top of the bed so you can contain the ejaculate.

The liquid is natural (it’s not pee) and tastes almost like water with a hint of fresh hay.

Giving or having female ejaculatory orgasms is incredibly life-affirming and totally releasing and rejuvenating.


Watch the video now to discover the 3 types of stimulation for her G-spot that will push her over the edge into orgasm.

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