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Choosing The Best Lube For You

Choosing The Best Lube For You

The 4 BEST LUBES for different kinds of sex.

Lillian asks, “Is it safe to use KY lubricant during sex?’

Here is my advice about Which Lube Goes Where. If you need an oil for condom use or backyard play read this.

Personally, I recommend organic coconut oil or avocado oil… If you can eat it, you can put it on your genitals. And it’s a LOT cheaper and all natural.

I like the coconut for massage and the avocado for intercourse and Expanded Orgasm stroking.

KY has chemicals.

If you use organic food oils, they aren’t made from chemicals.

Look at all these chemicals in KY: Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Gluconolactone, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide

I wouldn’t want to put anything like that on my mucus membranes, which are your delicate vaginal tissues. Plus it makes oral sex taste bad.

And glycerin is a kind of a sugar, so if you are sensitive to yeast infections, it can exacerbate a yeast overgrowth in your vagina. That’s also why I prefer avocado for intercourse and anything inside my vagina over coconut. Coconut can have little protein lumps in it and can be a little “sweet” for the vagina.

Stick with Avocado and Hobe is the best, most luxurious brand. I’ve been recommending it for years to hundreds of thousands of people.



  1. thanks for the enlightenment.Natural oil are better.Hope olive oil is not bad as well?

  2. best of coconut oil.

  3. Yes I love licking And sucking a Sweet pussy CM Security protegge la tua privacy

  4. Great comment on edible oils, it’s a great lick!!!

  5. I’m wary of using organic oils because my wife has lots of female issues. But I’ve read here and other sites that glycerin can be bad for women with a propensity for yeast infections. If there a water based lube that doesn’t have glycerin?

  6. Look at the organic coconut oils from Amazon. There are water based, no glycerin. Food grade.
    My partner and I both have propensity for yeast infections, but being 72 we both need extra lubrication plus for surface massage. Have found grape seed oil is perfect on all fronts, glass bottle in the food oil section of the supermarket. I decant a few ounces into a food grade squeeze bottle and discard bottle and remaining oil after a session. The squeeze bottles are available from restaurant supply outlets. Red for ketchup, yellow for mustard, clear for tartar sauce, food grade of course. Also clear avail at hairdressing supply but these are not necessarily food grade so I stopped buying them 20 yr ago

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